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Google Apps & Email Piping

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Hello All,


I have been trying to get WHMCS and email piping working but am having some problems and woundered if someone here could help.

I have recently set my primary domain up to soley use Google Apps so my support@ & sales@ email addresses are running through Google Apps, what i cant seem to get to work is email piping through WHMCS.


WHMCS document that piping email from Google Apps is possible using the following method http://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Piping:_Google_Apps i have checked with my host and IMAP-SSL & POP3-SSL are both enabled on my server which is confirmed here http://happyowlhosting.com/i.php and the CRON is setup and running which is confirmed below;


Jul 1 12:37:01 server14 crond[23616]: (happyowl) CMD (| php -q /home/happyowl/public_html/clients/pipe/pipe.php)
Jul 1 12:38:01 server14 crond[24086]: (happyowl) CMD (| php -q /home/happyowl/public_html/clients/pipe/pipe.php)
Jul 1 12:38:01 server14 crond[24088]: (happyowl) CMD (php -q /home/happyowl/public_html/clients/pipe/pop.php)
Jul 1 12:39:01 server14 crond[24789]: (happyowl) CMD (| php -q /home/happyowl/public_html/clients/pipe/pipe.php)
Jul 1 12:39:01 server14 crond[24791]: (happyowl) CMD (php -q /home/happyowl/public_html/clients/pipe/pop.php)


The departments also have the correct usernames and passwords configured to grab the emails from Google Apps but for some reason they are not doing so, the email import log is empty and contains no errors or successful imports. I have made sure that each Gmail account that is supposed to pipe has IMAP & POP enabled and they do so i am not really sure what could be the problem here.


Has anyone got this setup and working on there configuration?


WHMCS Version: 5.0.3

PHP Version: 5.2.16


Many Thanks

Richard Howell

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  • WHMCS Support Manager


Those logs seem to suggest you're trying to use the pipe.php file, that's incorrect, only the pop.php file should be involved with Google Apps and that should be configured as a cron running every 5 minutes.


If you visit the pop.php file directly in your browser do you see any errors? If the emails are importing correctly you'll see the number of emails imported.

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