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How can I setup 1 Product with 1 WHM Package name on Multiple servers?


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Looking for a little clarification on the finer points of setting up WHMCS please.


I want to create a hosting product (say Home hosting), based on a WHM package name (say Home), which I have set up on multiple WHM/cPanel servers (say host1 and host2).


So far I have...


1. On each server I have created identical packages with the same name (Home). The package names are referenced by (say) host1user_Home and host2user_Home.


2. In WHMCS I have setup the two servers (host1 and host 2) and created a Server Group (WHMhosting) that includes both servers and assigns accounts between the two servers.


3. In WHMCS I have created the product (Home hosting) and in Module Settings I have set the "Server group" to WHMhosting. In the "WHM Package Name" field I have entered "Home".


4. There is also a field that toggles "Add Prefix to Package" which I have tried checking and leaving unchecked to test. Checked seems the obvious way to prefix the WHM package name with either host1user or host2user when provisioning a product. However I have a suspicion that this applies ONLY to reseller accounts. Advice?


With item 4 clarified, will WHMCS assign hosting packages between servers as intended?


The problem I have encountered is that it does not seem to apply to importing WHM/cPanel accounts. The import utility will not import accounts unless the precisely matching WHM Package name is configured in Product/Module settings. This is not consistent with the intention of the 1 package name/multi-host concept.


Any tips on this matter greatly appreciated.


-- Tony

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  • WHMCS Support Manager


When importing packages you'll need to add the prefix to the package name field in the product configuration, import the first server, change the prefix and import the second server etc.

But in general usage you should omit the prefix and tick the "Add Prefix to Package" option.

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