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whmcs not redirect to paypal


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Hi drmosko,

On your Product Configuration, on the Module Settings tab for this product, did you choose Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received?


That needs to be chosen so that the product will be delivered only upon completed payments.

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thank for ur answer for my second Q, now if u can explain to me the difference between

"Automatically setup the product as soon as an order is placed ,

Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received ,

Automatically setup the product when you manually accept a pending order ,

Do not automatically setup this product "

and for my first Q

u can login to my whmcs with this

email: free@dossihost.net

pass: aaDMUYDMz2Tuzw6


and do a buy for something and then ull see that it doesnt direct to paypal.

thank u for ur reply.

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I have a similar problem within a test installation of v5.1.2

When the customer is presented with the Invoice, the PayPal dropdown is already selected and the customer cannot proceed any further


I have checked back to an older installation version and there should be a button for "PayPal - pay now"

This does not appear in this installation

Please advise

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Having the same issue. And the code I have in forwardpage.tpl file in version 5.1.2 is like below, different then drmosko's one.


Any solutions for this one?



<script language="javascript">

setTimeout ( "autoForward()" , 5000 );

function autoForward() {

var submitForm = $("#submitfrm").find("form");



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FIX FOR ME on WHMCS 5.1.2 - Pointed out to me by the Lead Developer at J!WHMCS


Had to Modify 'forwardpage.tpl'. - Any calls to jQuery from within WHMCS must use the jQuery declaration and not the shortcut "$".


WHMCS started changing those out a few versions back, but unfortunately have not changed the forwardpage.tpl or creditcard.tpl files (which would in my mind by the most important ones).


Had to change forwardpage.tpl FROM:


var submitForm = $("#submitfrm").find("form");


and change these out TO:


var submitForm = jQuery("#submitfrm").find("form");


This Resolved the page not forwarding on to PayPal or the other payment gateways.

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Fix for me, move the closing div tag:



<div id="submitfrm" class="textcenter">{$code}</div>


<form method="post" action="{if $invoiceid}viewinvoice.php?id={$invoiceid}{else}clientarea.php{/if}"></form>



<div id="submitfrm" class="textcenter">{$code}


<form method="post" action="{if $invoiceid}viewinvoice.php?id={$invoiceid}{else}clientarea.php{/if}"></form>


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