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  1. I am in need of a payment gateway that works with Bank of America's merchant solutions. Has anyone dealt with them? Is it even possible to use their API or must it be through another merchant as a plugin of some sort? If anyone can do this straight up, whmcs -> bank of america (without going through another gateway) please post (or private message) a quote.
  2. I have already searched known tpl locations and there appears to be no reference to any of the code used in that display. I can't search the tpl files if I do not know where they are located or if they are named something retarded that wouldn't make me think to look in that one.
  3. Well the browser's inspector features don't show backend files such as the tpl files. It just tells you want css documents have the styling.
  4. It's not an issue; it's just a matter of wanting to template the chat box that shows on all WHMCS pages. See attached pictures.
  5. I have purchased the WHMCS LiveChat addon and am having trouble locating the template files for the LiveHelpEmbedded div that contains the chat popup on every whmcs page. I have found the template files for modules/livehelp/, but they don't appear to by the same tpls that are used with the javascript appended popup box.
  6. I have a php class that conducted the check in v5, but in my development for switch to v6 I am looking to utilize the apparently built in php class include (class.mobile.php). I assume it's a class that conducts the same check. I assign the device type to $device, but I don't want to add another class that is just a duplicate.
  7. Is there a mobile detection smarty variable I can use conduct if/else checks for browsing device? {if $agent = "computer"} or {if isTablet($agent)}
  8. I am using PayPal Website Payments Pro to collect payments on my website without the user having to go to PayPal's website. I want to add a donate button to my client area, but the PayPal donation buttons forward the user to PayPal's website. Is there any way to accept donations through WHMCS?
  9. I am trying to pass an array to mergefield data. Is this possible? My Script: $postfields["username"] = 'username'; $postfields["password"] = md5('password'); $postfields["action"] = "SendAdminEmail"; $postfields["messagename"] = "Domain Synchronization Report"; $postfields["mergefields[dtg]"] = date("j F Y @ G:i:s"); $postfields["mergefields[exemptions]"] = $exemptions; $exemptions is either blank or an array of data. My messagename Admin Template: Domain Pricing Synchronization Cron Report for {$dtg} {if is_array($exemptions)}Domain Pricing Exemptions: {foreach from=$exemptions key=k item=v} {if $k.register} - $k registrations have been exempted from auto update.{/if} {if $k.transfer} - $k transfers have been exempted from auto update.{/if} {if $k.renew} - $k renewals have been exempted from auto update.{/if} {/foreach} {/if} Domain Pricing Synchronization Complete $dtg sends the date through the email just fine, but the array data for $exemptions (and the other arrays) is gone. I have tested the $postfields[mergefields[*]] variables for valid array data and they are fine in the script. They are however lost once sent to the WHMCS API.
  10. I have all my support departments setup to only allow new tickets created through the webpage (only pipe replies), so my question is, "Is it safe to assign the same email (tickets@domain.ext) to all my support departments?
  11. I'll get right to it; let me just whip out my ionCube decrypter and take a crack at it...
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