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Fraud Record

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How many of you have bad/abusive/fraud clients and would like to have a centralised place to collate this information on these clients.


I come across such a place http://www.fraudrecord.com/


What is Fraudrecord?

FraudRecord is a free service for online service providers (hosting companies or others), designed to help them combine their knowledge and combat against misbehaving clients. Companies can report unpleasant clients to FraudRecord, and access our database to read the information provided by other companies.


How Does it Work?

FraudRecord provides reports of clients when a company queries our database for a client that we already have a previous report of. Even a single email address, IP number, or client name can be used to match a client. Our service also provides a level of misbehavior, level of report reliability, and detailed information about the reported client. If you query a client with FraudRecord and there is a match, you can evaluate the report yourself and decide to act accordingly.


There is a WHMCS Addon for fraudrecord




If you are using WHMCS as your client management software, you can install our WHMCS addon. It allows you to report clients, make queries (one by one or in bulk), and delete your reports.


Download Here (ver 0.5) (10kb)


Installation instructions are included in the README file within the archive.

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Could anyone advise on a fix to make this module work on 4.2x or a general direction in what needs to be done.





Upgrade to the latest version. If you are ugrading whmcs may offer a license (free) to be used whiles you make the required changes to match your current site, integration.


Then you just upload the integrated whmcs and upgrade your database with it. (PS i hope you have patched your v4)

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An upgrade is likely the best option. Without knowing more about how that addon works, it may depend on action hooks that have been added since the release of 4.2 for full functionality. If in doubt, I would suggest contacting the author for assistance.

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