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Windows Control Panel Recommendations?


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I'm currently running multiple servers with Windows 2003 and Helm Control Panel v3, and have just purchased a brand new Windows 2008 server.


It's been on the cards for years to move away from helm and now it's time to take that painful plunge, what do you recommend as a good Windows Control Panel these days I did look at plesk but that requires smarter mail to be installed on every server.


My current favourite is websitepanel but it looks like the support on it is going down hill


Any suggestions or tips would be great


Thanks Aaron

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I was afraid of that answer, last time I looked at Plesk it seemed to require that MySQL or email such as smarter mail has to be installed on each physical server where's we have a multi server setup at the moment.


I will have to check it out again.


I was also looking at Enkompass which looks promising but it seems to be lacking support for a lot of things also, web site panel is tempting I used to program .NET years ago but i've just been looking at the source code thinking do I really want to end up coding .NET again :/


Thanks Aaron

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I hear you, it was really disappointing when cPanel abandioned Enkompass without even giving it a chance to get going; that was the only hope for a stable, well supported and distributed system. Now that and the other panels just don't give you the confidence that they will still be there in a couple of years and it's highly probable some won't be able to support ASP.NET 4.5, SQL Server 2012 etc when they come along.


If you want clients to be able to manage SmarterMail in Plesk then you have to host it on the same box, but you can have MySQL/MSSQL remote if you want. Plesk is still a horror show though. Rumor has it they have some amazing new version coming down the road, maybe next year, a combination of all the best bits of all the other control panels they bought and destroyed. We'll have to wait and see on that one...

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Ah, i'm glad I asked here I did not really Enkompass has been abandoned, it looks like my best choice at the moment is to get my .NET hat back on and use websitepanel but be prepared for some coding on my own.


That said traditionally we are a windows host but 90% of clients use PHP / MySQL so in theory we could perhaps switch to Linux based hosting my only real tie with the Windows hosting is that we offer Smarter mail Enterprise to customers which runs on it's own dedicated Windows Server, i'm going to have a look around to see if it's possible to integrate into cpanel.


Thanks again for the reply



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