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  1. Is it just me or has the ability for clients to change the IPSTag from their client area disappeared?
  2. For me it isn't compatible, can't say for sure if it affects anyone else..
  3. yep - however I found that the tawk.to Live Chat module/addon caused the problem with clients trying to pay invoices, and also the realtime register domain plugin caused problems with clients trying to add a new credit card via the add payment method link.
  4. We are find that our whmcs is running very slow - if we disable all hooks then it is very quick Is there a way to find out what hook is firing on a certain page? apart from enabling the default Hooks Debug Mode option ?
  5. We are seeing this error again when a client tries to add their credt card details: UserID => 12161 Status => error message => An unexpected error - No Stripe Payment Method found from token token =>
  6. Anybody experiencing slow checkout? it is now taking 5 mins at least after checking out to receive the confirmation screen
  7. Thanks very much Brian - that works a treat! 😀
  8. Hi Brian, Unfortunately when you press the last continue button, up comes the error again
  9. Hi Brian! This would be good,if you could do.. or I modify the hook to insert a dummy value into that required field.
  10. Thank you Brian! I have tried your hook and it remove the fields, but when pressing continue, up comes this error
  11. Hi, Would anyone know how to remove these fields when clients transfer in their UK domains? as they should not be required - as the registrant name/legal type are not updated when the transfer happens. We are using the Nominet module.
  12. Hi Dennis, Any chance you could share your script?! as that is exactly what we are looking for.
  13. Has anyone opened a ticket with whmcs about it?
  14. Your modules are full of bugs and you do not reply to support tickets. I have cancelled within your 10 days - but you make excuses not to refund, saying that you will fix the modules - but over a month later, we are still waiting. Terrible service.
  15. Hi , Is anyone using iDevAffiliate? we are finding that if an order is marked as fraud the affiliate still gets the commission - anyone find a way to prevent this?
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