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Paypal Not Posting Invoice Payment Confirmation


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WHMCS is not showing invoice payment confirmation from paypal.


Currently our paypal is showing the payment and is verified by the IPN history and shows an HTTP response code of 200. Our notification url is: http://camniomedia.com/whcms/whmcs/modules/gateways/callback/paypal.php


I'm also able to look at the IPN Message:

transaction_subject=&payment_date=05:42:49 Jan 25, 2012 PST&txn_type=subscr_payment&subscr_id=S-305805000E063000J&last_name=DOE&residence_country=US&item_name=CAMNIO Media - Invoice #438&payment_gross=39.00&mc_currency=USD&business=email@camnio.com&payment_type=instant&protection_eligibility=Ineligible&verify_sign=ALDAdafAAdsdAAgJuYpmhADJUOADJLJH7UPwnCSQhUbUAZ3dO2199XxpMlsvdasd4bAAAAAAAPhH&payer_status=verified&payer_email=email@email.com&txn_id=80T07000S00000004&receiver_email=email@camnio.com&first_name=Jon&payer_id=PMAAJAAACAAAAS&receiver_id=CGADEGUS74MEC&payer_business_name=Generic Name &payment_status=Completed&payment_fee=1.43&mc_fee=1.43&mc_gross=39.00&custom=380&charset=windows-1252&notify_version=3.4&correlation_id=1bfe8dadebghb3187900


I went ahead and double checked out API username,password, ans signature and it hasn't changed since August 2010. We have gone through several WHMCS updates, but I'm not sure where else to check.


Thank in advance.

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I'm find the error message: invalid receiver email, does that mean I need to change the payment gateway to reflect email@camnio.com


transaction_subject =>

payment_date => 06:18:49 Jan 26, 2012 PST

txn_type => subscr_payment

subscr_id => S-0X29A89d2daDVEAS09

last_name => School

residence_country => US

item_name => CAMNIO Media - Invoice #65

payment_gross => 50.00

mc_currency => USD

business => email@camnio.com

payment_type => instant

protection_eligibility => Ineligible

verify_sign => Aki0Ya4H.FeajnPFFLaasdfiwoefasdkljasdfvsx74WYNh2.l.CbShPGGn7

payer_status => unverified

payer_email => email@gmail.com

txn_id => 8S81sadfas323423

receiver_email => email@camnio.com

first_name => jon_doe

payer_id => 3VX3SDFDSADF

receiver_id => CGW8SDFE3432

payment_status => Completed

payment_fee => 1.75

mc_fee => 1.75

mc_gross => 50.00

custom => 42

charset => windows-1252

notify_version => 3.4

ipn_track_id => b21ed7wefasdf3821

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