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im so glad i didnt leave!


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Oh my. What a week! I cannot believe I thought about leaving whmcs!!!


I was very unhappy with the presales support I got with hostbill. They deleted my initial ticket without adding a response. This wasted my time because I waited around for a week for a response.


They refused to answer my questions, and then tell me to try the software anyway.


Here is my thread, it’s probably deleted and/or edited by now. (They have a habit of deleting things they don’t like)



I may have come off very strong and got rude in the ticket, but this really did me in. I've never seen such unprofessional support in my life.

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The deletion of tickets without response has happened to me as well. I had a question about verifying resold licenses on a forum I help out at and got no response. On trying to view the ticket later, it was gone. Opened a second, it also was unreachable. I PMed the owner on another forum, and he verified they were "probably deleted". Probably? No remorse or explanation, just a kind of confirmation that he appears to allow staff to delete presales tickets (only presales?) without monitoring.


I'd say that's enough to give me pause, personally.


I've never failed to get a response here on WHMCS, even to the dumb as a brick questions I sometimes ask. ;)

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I started out in 2003, I used a free billing solution for a few months, then moved to whoiscart, they vanished, so I bought a modernbill license.... then I found WHMCS, By then I had learned that comparing feature to feature is only a small part of being satisified, I make a point before buying to ask any question I have, but I intentionally throw in questions answered on the main page of their site, If I get an attitude.... I keep looking, if I get answers, This is an indication that customer service has their stuff together.

After all, we are all in the same game, the only real thing that sets each of us apart is the level of customer service we give, without getting it from our software providers, it can be difficult to pass quality service along down the line!

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