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[RESOLVED] .de Domains -- TAX number required??


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I am not 100% sure about this one:

but I do not believe, and I could not find any such info, that the German .de registry (DENIC) is collecting a registrant's TAX ID. It never did -- is it now? Really could not find any such info.

However, after upgrading to WHMCS 5.0.3 WHMCS order form is asking a registrant to enter his German TAX ID. I know that a registrant needs to have a German address, but that is not the same as handing over one's TAX ID.


If I am right (?) and this is not a requirement by DENIC, then it would be much better to instead display a clear note (as it is done with e.g. .ca domains) explaining that a German address is required.



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U p d a t e :


In the meantime I checked this issue with a big German company, Hexonet, a domain reseller and registry that registeres many thousand .de domains. They confirmed that DENIC does not require that number -- for sure. So, this must be some misinterpretation of DENIC rules then.


Most German customers won't want to enter their tax ID -- other than registered businesses.

Please correct this bug, when you have a chance.


What would be VERY VERY useful, would be a simple info sentence that is shown to the customer trying to order a .de domain, that states that the registrant of a .de domain is required to have a verifiable German address (he/she does not need to be a German national, but needs to have a German address). This would really be great to have.




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It is now June 2020 and these same issues still exist for .de registrations. I can find no documents indicating the collection of Tax ID by Denic, and additionally the agreement does not require an adress in DE, but does require the registrant to agree to appoint a legal agent located in DE if requested to do so by Denic within 14 days. 

"(4) If the Domain Holder is not domiciled in Germany, they shall name within two weeks of a corresponding request by DENIC an authorised representative domiciled in Germany for receiving the service of official or court documents 



It seems time to fix this error in WHMCS. 

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Such things are coming from WHMCS additional fields integration but also from the underlying registrar. WHMCS default fields match I guess enom. Other registrars have to provide a custom configuration file for their integration which allows overriding the default fields.

So, choose a different registrar who does not enforce that field. Hexonet got already mentioned.

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There are numerous extensions that the WHMCS additional fields incorrectly identifies information as required including unnecessary personal details which makes it a GDPR issue in my view.

No registrar should be requesting informaton not required by the registry

As usual I gave up banging my head against the wall with support to try and get them to recognise and address this even giving them the specific extensions and registry requirements so  expect it will remain as it is until everyone has abandoned the sinking ship

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Still, that are WHMCS defaults probably enforced by enom. Switch to another registrar to get the situation improved for such problematic extensions. The sinking ship, as you call it, allows overwriting these defaults, but bound to underlying registrar requirements.

So, identify a registrar doing it better. Hexonet has been mentioned, RRPproxy or internet.bs, ...

If WHMCS would just review its Core defaults, enom or other registrar integrations might no longer be working. I dont expect they want to enforce enom to change things.

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