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  1. hexonet offers aftermarket domains over its premium domain integration in whmcs. Just wanted to say: it depends on how registrars covered that topic, not necessarily over premium domain integration.
  2. Morning, Just stumbled over this thread and hi @Md Rasel Khan - we know each other from hexonet. If there's an issue related to the custom internet.bs module, report it over github issue here. <- update: sorry my fault, it is private (wip), I was just granted access to it. Regarding "perfectcell.com": It is not a premium domain. It is a non-premium aftermarket domain, offered over the Afternic platform. That's why premium domain support has no impact on it. It is a matter if Registrars support Aftermarket Domain Names over Availability Check in WHMCS or not. Hexonet's ISPAPI Module supports this for example. Hope this helps getting your issue solved. Best Kai
  3. Prices are automatically calculated by WHMCS: This is very strict and does not allow for importing special prices.
  4. WHMCS is dealing with integers regarding registration periods / terms. So, I guess, it is an array of integers. e.g. "$terms = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10];" This of course differs from TLD to TLD. In your initial thread comment, you said: Array ( [1] => 7.5 [2] => 15 [3] => 22.5 ) There are some issues with that: a) the index does not start with 0 b) the values at index 1 and 3 do not represent integers Usually registration periods are full years, I just remember .de offering a monthly term in addition and .nl a quarterly term in addition - but that's not supported by WHMCS. Just care about providing a list of ints, voilà.
  5. https://developers.whmcs.com/domain-registrars/tld-pricing-sync/ setYears has to be used in place of setMinYears, setMaxYears and setYearsStep methods and not everything combined. Use either setYears OR (setMinYears, setMaxYears and setYearsStep).
  6. I guess you talk about applying basic DNS configuration (Resource Records) after domain registration or domain transfer, right? If it is always about applying the same resource records configuration, then this gist could cover what you're looking for - just modify it to fit your needs. It is currently branded, but with little changes, it can be working for any registrar. I am not interested in promoting us as registrar with this post (I know about the rulez) - as mentioned, my gist can be modified and reused for other registrars too. If it is about DNS Templating that might differ from hosting package to hosting package or might come with custom RRs per domain, well this needs then a different approach. A Feature our resellers also brought up multiple times to us and imho worth to work on.
  7. Hey Guys, sorry for my late reply. No idea why - no notification reached me. Spam folder maybe? Anyways, thanks Remitur for that IMPORTANT feedback. That's why I can just again and again point out: Report Issues and Feature Request to us (support ticket the best). We are gathering YOUR ideas and we will work on them. Noted down. The Drop-Catching module will need a revamp anyways in 2021 I guess. UTC timezone as basic configuration requirement is probably the biggest blocker for customers. We'll find a solution for this. Thanks Kai
  8. Just in case someone has trouble with getting started with HEXONET. Use this guide as entry point please. If there are further related questions, always feel free to open a support ticket.
  9. Hey brian! first at all, I want to forward a really big thank you to you as I was quite often seeing you were helping with comments related to HEXONET. Very very appreciated! Nice to see that you both managed to find a solution. I will update the documentation on our side to also include more details about a cpanel setup. Kai
  10. Dear WHMCS Community, As we, up to now, did not use this community to promote us and our modules, I'll give it a try. To introduce myself: I am the Middleware Department Lead at HEXONET GmbH in Germany. My team is responsible for third-party integrations (WHMCS, Blesta, ...) and for providing tools for custom integrations. With HEXONET (located in Germany and Canada) you can easily resell and manage domains. We do our best to support our customers and to improve/extend in direction of specific customer requests. We are offering all our modules for free and we have no plans to change this. We have: The HEXONET registrar module that is shipped with WHMCS (get in touch with us to get updates as that version is for behind in point of features). Supporting all known WHMCS Domain Registrar Features e.g. IRTP (contact verification), TLD & Pricing Sync, Premium Domains, etc. In general we can also deal with IDN domain names, even though not officially supported by WHMCS. A drop-catching Addon to get Domain Backorders introduced in WHMCS A SSLCert Addon A PremiumDNS Addon A module for high performance availability check A widget offering you a module version overview (to see if there are new versions available) A widget showing your account balance at HEXONET (as we have a prepaid backend system) A module helping you to import domains in case you're starting with WHMCS / transferred to us using a non-whmcs way Find all our modules in our github company space: https://github.com/hexonet. We have big plans in Queue and as said, we do our best supporting our customers. Patching / Extending our modules in general happens in short as of existing CI / CD automation. If you need assistance when starting with us or if you have any related questions, just get in touch with us / let me know. Best Regards Kai
  11. Hi guys, does anyone know a possibility on how to get the list of languages and list of countries in WHMCS? In both cases I need a mapping of the two-letter county code mapped to the language or country accordingly. Comparable to what is used for the country dropdown list when creating a new client and the Language dropdown list on client area you can use to change the frontend language. Thanks for any feedback! Kai
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