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[IN PROGRESS] V5 Hardcoded Text Strings

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Another string not in the translation files: "Back to Services List" and "Here is an overview of your product/service with us." in the Product Details page. :)


Edit: In the tab "Extras" at the Product Details page, you can find also "You have the following addons for this product." not translated.


Edit 2: "From here you can change the password of the product/service (note: this does not affect your password for our client area)" in the tab "Change Password" at the Product Details (Host)


Edit 3: "Choose Product:" from the order product extra page.


Edit 4: "Auto Renew" at clientareadomains.tpl

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When i active the Auto Renew feature for a domain, i get a blank "green box" without message:



Also happens when i sucessfull change the nameservers.


Edit: "Duplicate values for Nameserver", "Registrar Lock Status:", "Disabled" and "Disable Registrar Lock" and "Enable Registrar Lock" and "Same value for new and old NameServers." not translated.


I'm also unable to desactivate the Domain Registrar Lock (NetEarthOne and ResellerClub). The fields in the domaincontacts page aren't translated.




And nothing inside the "Nameserver 5" label:


<label for="ns5"></label>

should be:


<label for="ns5">Nameserver 5</label>





DNS Management form jumps the content template/wrapper.

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You seem to be missing some of the new language strings for where you're seeing the blanks. Maybe need to check your language file?


And fields in the domains contact pages come dynamically from the registrars, and vary per one, so cannot be translated.



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Some of this strings should be avaiable to translate:


<option value="A">A (Address)</option>
<option value="AAAA">AAAA (Address)</option>
<option value="MXE">MXE (Mail Easy)</option>
<option value="MX">MX (Mail)</option>
<option value="CNAME">CNAME (Alias)</option>
<option value="TXT">SPF (txt)</option>
<option value="URL">URL Redirect</option>
<option value="FRAME">URL Frame</option>


Thanks Matt, i have take a look and found that my language file didn't had the $_LANG["changessavedsuccessfully"] string translated.

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One more in the new theme (default in v5):

domainchecker.tpl => "Search Multiple TLDs" is hardcoded and as far as I can see not defined in the English language file.


Has anyone managed to get a fix for this? Really NOT cool :)

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