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  1. starnetwork

    Billing for the past period

    Hi, WHMCS work in the recurring billing for the next period but, for some reasons, I need to add Auto Invoice and Charge for the past period (Month / Quarterly / Annually / etc...) anyone have experience with that? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Regarding to https://forums.whmcs.com/showthread.php?109847-Generate-Due-Invoices-does-not-load-the-usual-pop-over-window same for me, not loading the popup checked in 2 WHMCS installations v6.2.1 Regards, StarNetwork
  3. starnetwork

    Auto updates Module for WHMCS

    from some reason the uploading site marked as spam / malware, adding new URL: - Removed -
  4. starnetwork

    Auto updates Module for WHMCS

    well, no, whmcs are not providing direct Download URL but it's the same files with same MD5 stamp Regards,
  5. well, since https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/automatic-update-utility has "This is a feature we are actively working on. Stay tuned for updates." for move then year, I did some small script that will short the Update progress Installation Steps: 1. Add the module to whmcs instlalation, addon directory to modules>addons 2. Activate it, no need to change the updates server for now. 3. give permissions to your admin group 4. go to Admin Panel -> Menu -> addons -> WHMCS Auto Updates now you will have the option to Full upgrade, if you are not in the same "Version family" or incremental Update if your at the same version family 5. you can Select if the script should delete the new update template files for admin and client area so it's will not overwrite your custom templates 6. after you running the "Update", you will redirect to the whmcs installation wizard 7. after you finish with the whmcs installation wizard you should just remove the /Install directory and we done 8. this module also support in detecting custom admin path and update custom path files Download from: - Removed - Regards, StarNetwork.
  6. Hi, I know how to send customer directly to cart after adding specific product to cart there is any option to redirect the client automatically to checkout page and not to cart after adding to cart link? Regards, - - - Updated - - - Hi, this issue solved with help from my friend Aba Hefzi, the solution: http://dev1.website.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=2&carttpl=checkout Regards,
  7. Dear friends, do you have any suggestion for Bitcoin Bank with recurring payment support for WHMCS? any suggestion from Personal experience? Coinbase / bitpay / others? Regards,
  8. starnetwork

    EmailPreSend Hook question

    Hi, about the EmailPreSend, there is an option to attach file, removed attached pdf invoice from emails with EmailPreSend hook? if possible, any example please? All the best,
  9. Dear Friends, am looking for solution to get email reports from many servers, include security reports, websites updates reports, Success / fail backups report / quota and disk size report / system load and other reports logs so the Such is the dilemma: On the one hand, whmcs is good solution for us since 1. we small company and from my experience, it's very hard to work with multiple platforms in small companies (maybe even in medium and enterprise, don't care) 2. we already using whmcs and even have few modules that make the tickets handling better (auto filters for incoming emails, tickets timer and follow-up and more) On the other hand: 1. we talking about lot of emails, in my estimated that more than a thousand emails a day, and I don't want to Burden the database and ongoing work (Clients Support, billing, sales and more...) 2. WHMCS not supporting save the email headers and in general WHMCS Email Piping work very poor, lot of emails Cut off or no information at all 3. the email header include the original message not saved on DB, it's more Problematic run Accordingly advanced filters 4. whmcs is Encoded and have very slow pace of development, so changes can take very long time what I want to do with this Email Piping for Logs: 1. Auto remove all success backup messages 2. Auto remove all "standard" logs that not including any problematic data 3. Auto assign the problematic to the right persons 4. Advanced conditions and alerts - for example, if you didn't get in the last 24 hours email that include the text "Backup of server 29 is Success", open ticket / alert for that so, what should I do 1. Continue using WHMCS for logs, and try to work with WHMCS team on it step by step? 2. using osTickets and develop #4 of my request for osTickets (all others are includes) 3. any other solution? Regards,
  10. starnetwork

    Ticket in Product renew

    Hi, I want to get ticket with some title and description each time client service x is renewed, for example SSL Certificate service I can't use the Module settings for it since it's already used for the SSL Provisioning any Idea / ready module for that? Regards,
  11. solving this issue and giving more flexibility to the whmcs developers will very help to many whmcs users....
  12. this hook module will auto detect the Arabic / Hebrew text and redirect the users to RTL on Support ticket view Admin TicketReply RTL.zip
  13. WHMCS Support reply to this Post: The invoices themselves do not specify a billing cycle, that is stored in the tblhosting.billingcycle field. So to access that you'd need to take the invoice ID (available in the hook point variables) then look up the invoice line items using the tblinvoiceitems.invoiceid field. Then use the tblinvoiceitems.relid field of the row to search the tblhosting.id field which will identify the service to which the line item relates. Then you can check the billingcycle field for that record to see whether it is monthly or not. thanks to John, WHMCS Support for that help!
  14. Dear friends, I want to create some Hook using InvoiceCreationPreEmail that will effect only the invoices that include ONLY monthly monthly subscription items any suggestion how can I filter it and effect with InvoiceCreationPreEmail only monthly subscription invoices? mean, even if invoice include both monthly payment and billable item / other payment, it's will not pass the check and the hook will not work for that, but invoices with ONLY monthly payment lines will pass the hook action. Please advice, Regards, StarNetwork.
  15. Hi, we running custom cron that check if credits for SMS are low in case customer select "auto renew credits" we want to attempt credit card capture and add new order of "Credits addon" to the product but I don't want do that if customer has other none credit card payment details for this product, or if no credit card or token for this product. so we need few things: 1. check if product payment gateway is credit card type (include custom credit card gateways) 2. if it's credit card type, check if there is existing token or saved card for that 3. if there is token or credit card details, attempt capture Please advice, StarNetwork.

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