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all orders having to be accepted by hand why?


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I have tried every setting I can think of but I can not get the orders not to have to be accepted by hand on each and every order yes I have got whmcs to make the accounts on the server when payment is made by not to then also auto accept the order and with 30+ orders a day this is loads of unneeded work.

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Which server software are you using? (eg WHM / cPanel)


I had a similar issue

Found this was due to not setting a server up on to which WHMCS would allocate the products


Are the orders processing through creating the hosting?


I have to manually accept the order, but this simply confirms the process has completed

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I am using WHM/cPanel.


but if it is the way it is odd as even if I put the Fraud Protection on I also get the same so i could not see why you would have it if you still need to look at each and every order I would not mind if it was I had to look at each order but the status was made to active as I use the module in the product mark at Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received but what is the point if the product status is still pending until I look at it and accept the order?

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yes I am using 4.5.2.


the hosting auto-creation works but I do not want to have to accept each and every order as I get 30+ sometimes 100 to 200 orders per day i just want a way to auto accept orders how hard is that for the system without having to do it by hand.



Ah I see what you mean, very good point.

Maybe v5 will have all the answers. ;)

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With a large number of orders just login, follow the link to pending orders, then tick all boxes and accept


It is very useful for Domain Name orders, you can then make sure they have been processed correctly

Equally, you can use it to check that the customers product has been correctly setup on the server


Finally it is almost essential for other products that need to be manually processed

The customer receives a confirmation that the order has been placed

You then process the manual component, on completion complete the order

The customer then receives a final confirmation that the order is complete

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where has the

Total Pending Orders gone in the new v5 admin template.

and the domain pricing TLD will not show (on the order page or pricing page) if the price is $0.00 or lower and the old v4.5.2 work fine if the price was $0.00 I have had loads of users asking why I have had to change the hole way we deail with subdomains due to this and it is getting into a mess?

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I think Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received should include Automatic ACCEPTANCE too. Otherwise it is a bit dumb isn't it? Especially when there already is an option to "Automatically setup the product when you manually accept a pending order"


Also, why are the lines: Active Pending Suspended Terminated not working in V5.0.3? This is in Client Area / My Products & Services

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