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New website design feedback


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I think the new website is good, not amazing but certainly much better than before. I think the new client area templates are great. One criticism though would be the number of horizontal menu's you are layering on top of each other. I'm pretty sure this is bad UX and is enough to confuse me after using the product for a few years. Within the client area you have 5 levels! see the attached screenshot


Anyway, not the end of the world, overall a great job! :lol:


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Allso thrilled to see the new stuff but totally agree about the 5 layered navigation, way too much going on there. I thought the same about the vertical navigation;


* some pages are siingle column and have no additional navigation

* some have a gray vertical menu with little icons on the left

* others have a menu on the right with a solid gray topbar

* meanwhile things like the docs have a blue menu in a ruled box on the left


but it's a big site so I guess they have some tidying up to do to get things consistent again.


Will there be a new order form to match the new client area, because the other thing that jumped out at me was how u-g-l-y the shopping cart and product presentation looked embedded in the new design.

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I'd say it was only 2 layers :)

We've got the main menu and the client area nav bars - those are the 2 horizontal ones. Then at the top you have some key links/shortcuts, in the middle a breadcrumb, and below that the tabs of the specific page you're on (+ only a handful of pages have those)


Then for the sidebar, we have some full width pages yes without one at all, some with a sidebar (not sure where the icons are?) but they should all be consistent, and then the docs has it's own style of menu due to the nature of it being documentation rather than part of the site, and needing a lot of context sensitive links to make it as quick and easy to get around as possible. So there shouldn't be that many variations.


Appreciate the feedback though. We still have quite a number of things we're working on with the new site before it's completely working as intended, but keep the comments coming.



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