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Resellerclub don't work with .es domains

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// .ES


$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "Documento", "LangVar" => "estldidformtype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "Other Identification,Tax Identification Number,Tax Identification Code,Foreigner Identification Number", "Default" => "Other Identification",);

$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "DNI/NIF", "LangVar" => "estldidformnum", "Type" => "text", "Size" => "30", "Default" => "", "Required" => true,);



As you can see I only changed the words DOCUMENTO and DNI/NIF for my customers as we are spanish. I also tried the code that sent me WHMCS support with all the fields resellerclub as for, but nothing, they are still checking it.


Thanks for your help! If it's possible, please compare mine with your code, perhaps we can found the solution here.

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1. You are missing Legal Entity Type

2. You have to pass the corresponding ID's for Id form type and not text


Replace your .ES entries which does not work with Resellerclub with the following code:


$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "Legal Entity Type", "LangVar" => "estldlegalentitytype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "1|".$_LANG['particular'].",1|".$_LANG['autonomo'].",612|".$_LANG['sociedadsl'].",744|".$_LANG['sociedadslu'].",713|".$_LANG['sociedadsa'].",608|".$_LANG['sociedadsau'].",510|".$_LANG['sociedadcolectiva'].",562|".$_LANG['sociedadcomanditaria'].",566|".$_LANG['sociedadcooperativa'].",47|".$_LANG['asociacionlegal'].",524|".$_LANG['organismopublico']."", "Default" => "1|".$_LANG['particular']."",);

$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "ID Form Type", "LangVar" => "estldidformtype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "1|".$_LANG['dninifcifcard'].",3|".$_LANG['niecard'].",0|".$_LANG['passportorvat']."","Default" => "1|".$_LANG['dninifcifcard']."",);

$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "ID Form Number", "LangVar" => "estldidformnum", "Type" => "text", "Size" => "30", "Default" => "", "Required" => true,);


Add the translations to your Spanish and English txt files:




$_LANG['legalentitytype'] = "Razón Social";

$_LANG['idformtype'] = "Documento de Identificación";

$_LANG['idformnumber'] = "Número de Identificación";

$_LANG['passportorvat'] = "Nº Pasaporte";

$_LANG['niecard'] = "Tarjeta de Residencia (NIE)";

$_LANG['dninifcifcard'] = "DNI / NIF / CIF";

$_LANG['organismopublico'] = "Organismo Público";

$_LANG['asociacionlegal'] = "Asociación Legal";

$_LANG['sociedadcooperativa'] = "Sociedad Cooperativa";

$_LANG['sociedadcomanditaria'] = "Sociedad Comanditaria";

$_LANG['sociedadcolectiva'] = "Sociedad Colectiva";

$_LANG['sociedadsau'] = "Sociedad Anónima Unipersonal";

$_LANG['sociedadsa'] = "Sociedad Anónima";

$_LANG['sociedadslu'] = "Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal";

$_LANG['sociedadsl'] = "Sociedad Limitada";

$_LANG['autonomo'] = "Autónomo";

$_LANG['particular'] = "Particular";




$_LANG['legalentitytype'] = "Legal Entity Type";

$_LANG['idformtype'] = "ID Form Type";

$_LANG['idformnumber'] = "ID Form Number";

$_LANG['passportorvat'] = "Passport Number or VAT ID";

$_LANG['niecard'] = "Spanish Resident alien Number (NIE)";

$_LANG['nifcifcard'] = "Spanish Company VAT number (NIF / CIF)";

$_LANG['organismopublico'] = "Public Limited Company / Corporation";

$_LANG['asociacionlegal'] = "Association";

$_LANG['sociedadcooperativa'] = "Cooperative";

$_LANG['sociedadcomanditaria'] = "Limited Partnership";

$_LANG['sociedadcolectiva'] = "Farm Partnership";

$_LANG['sociedadsau'] = "Worker-owned Company";

$_LANG['sociedadsa'] = "Spanish (company) Branch";

$_LANG['sociedadslu'] = "Worker-owned Limited Company";

$_LANG['sociedadsl'] = "Limited Liability Company";

$_LANG['autonomo'] = "Autonomous worker";

$_LANG['particular'] = "Natural person or individual";


Happy .ES register!




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I modify a bit the code for display the labels translated:


$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => $_LANG['legalentitytype'], "LangVar" => "estldlegalentitytype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "1|".$_LANG['particular'].",1|".$_LANG['autonomo'].",612|".$_LANG['sociedadsl'].",744|".$_LANG['sociedadslu'].",713|".$_LANG['sociedadsa'].",608|".$_LANG['sociedadsau'].",510|".$_LANG['sociedadcolectiva'].",562|".$_LANG['sociedadcomanditaria'].",566|".$_LANG['sociedadcooperativa'].",47|".$_LANG['asociacionlegal'].",524|".$_LANG['organismopublico']."", "Default" => "1|".$_LANG['particular']."",);

$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => $_LANG['idformtype'], "LangVar" => "estldidformtype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "1|".$_LANG['dninifcifcard'].",3|".$_LANG['niecard'].",0|".$_LANG['passportorvat']."","Default" => "1|".$_LANG['dninifcifcard']."",);

$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => $_LANG['idformnumber'], "LangVar" => "estldidformnum", "Type" => "text", "Size" => "30", "Default" => "", "Required" => true,);

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Why it should not work stormy?


To register ES domains you should have in mind some caveats:


1. State (province) should be correctly formatted.

For example:

A Coruña should be set as Coruna, A

Las Palmas should be set as Palmas, Las


2. Combination of City and State should match

For example:

If the customers city is Ontígola and the state is set to Madrid, then you got an error while adding the contact. Correct State would be Toledo

City and State should always match


3. Legal Entity Type is mandatory

You need to pass this. Without that, you got an error.


You can get more information about registering dot ES domains at ResellerClubs documentation: http://manage.resellerclub.com/kb/answer/1147




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