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  1. Blackfriday offer is now live: http://www.resellerclub-mods.com/en/news/490-black-friday-and-v4-module-updates.html
  2. Hi all, I'm happy to inform that BLACK FRIDAY will be back at Resellerclub Mods again like in 2016! 😃 We will offer the following promocodes, only valid on 23rd November 2018, starting from 0:00:01 till 23:59:59 WET (Greenwich Mean Time). Do not miss this offer because for us, BLACK FRIDAY returns only every 2 years. Also kindly note that we do not start the Black friday earlier and we will not extend this Offer beyond 23rd November like many others. PROMO CODES: For all available individual Modules: BLACKFRIDAY-MODULES-2018 For our complete portfolio of leased annual licenses which entails a huge discount: BLACKFRIDAY-BUNDLE-2018 What about the discount, how much? Stay tuned and visit us starting from 23rd November 😉: https://www.resellerclub-mods.com
  3. imaticon

    Full Friendly URLS not working

    As per the WHMCS docs, the following pages use Search Engine Friendly URLs (announcements, kb and marketplace): /store/website-builder /store/email-services /store/ssl-certificates /store/order /announcements /knowledgebase http://help.whmcs.com/m/64969/l/729308 As per my understandings, the shopping cart pages do not use this. Feature request?
  4. imaticon

    How to connect with sub resellers account

    Thank you @brian! The solution to achieve your goal @grapyhost is simple: 1. In WHMCS setup everything with your new Reseller ID using the Resellerclub Registrar Module 2. Activate another Logicboxes registrar Module with the Reseller ID you would like to use only for domain renewals, for example "NetEarthOne", "Resell.biz" , "Resellercamp", etc. 3. For those domains you mention to renew only, change the registrar module from "Resellerclub" to the other Registrar Module you have activated and configured. 4. Set Autoregister to Resellerclub for all your TLDs to ensure that new registers are using the Resellerclub registrar with your new Reseller ID. That's it. This will allow you to manage and renew the domains and your customers will be able to do the same from the client area. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi, The screenshot "showing" is from our registrar module while the other screenshot is from the WHMCS Resellerclub module which doesn't show these and other details. If you see the nameservers, then the WHMCS module works correctly. Hope this helps.
  6. Have you whitelisted the two IPs in your reseller account / Settings / API ?
  7. imaticon

    Problem with license manager

    This sounds like a mod security rule does block here. Check the mod security logs to see if there is a rule that blocks verify.php
  8. Add this to the configuration.php file and give it a try: $disable_hook_loading = true; If this resolves your issue, then the culprit is a hook you have in /includes/hooks/ or in any module folder (addons, servers, registrars, gateways) or in /modules/widgets/
  9. These details are available in the unpaid invoice, online in the view invoice page.
  10. imaticon

    Database changes

    https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_6.0_Database_Changes#Addition_of_Timestamp_Fields In the v7.5.0 there is any mention of the new addition of the following: grace_period grace_period_fee redemption_grace_period redemption_grace_period_fee However, I do not complain about this. It was clear with the announcement of this new feature that there must be some changes in the db and the first I did was looking into tbldomainpricing but I did not looked into the table structure to see if there were changes on the scheme. But changing a scheme is reallly something you should mention. It will be really really very helpful to get simply a note of something like "the following table schemes have been altered: tbl1, tbl2, etc. etc. A developer do not need to know from you what you have changed, just mention that you changed the scheme and we will take note of that to see if this affect our coding. This will save to all developers a lot of time because viewing the sql file to see what you did is awful, time consuming and really not the way to go. Thank you for your time @WHMCS John and @WHMCS Nate , I do really appreciate it.
  11. imaticon

    Database changes

    It will certainly help, yes. But it is not the correct way to go. In previously releases you mentioned changes in the release notes. Now we have to check also the SQL files ...
  12. I just figured out that since whmcs 7.5.0 the tbldomainpricing table structure has been altered without any mention in the release notes: Before whmcs 7.5.0: dnsmanagement type text emailforwarding type text idprotection type text eppcode type text Since whmcs 7.5.0 dnsmanagement type tinyint(1) emailforwarding type tinyint(1) idprotection type tinyint(1) eppcode type tinyint(1) This is really not developer friendly dear whmcs team. If you alter tables then at least let us know about all the changes you apply in the tables. Are there any other alterations in any other tables?
  13. imaticon

    Exhausting Memory ≥ 2GB

    No worries, you're welcome and I'm glad to hear your success!
  14. imaticon

    Exhausting Memory ≥ 2GB

    No, really? http://php.net/manual/en/ini.list.php (Search for memory_limit) "MB" is not valid, it must be "M" If you dont specify "M" then the value is interpreted as bytes and not Megabytes. If you prefer not adding the required letter "M" to indicate Megabytes then you have to set the correct value for Bytes: 128M = 134217728

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