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  1. imaticon

    prevent register with none English letter

    @Kian has provided to you the best possible solution currently available and it is indeed the correct way to go 👍
  2. Our Special Autumn Promo is now live and valid till 15th November. Shop 'n go with 30% off on all yearly licences: AUTUMNPROMO2019
  3. Hi John, Thank you for your time and the hint about the validation I will check this further.
  4. Turns out that WHMCS does force additionalfields validation to be in a format that you consider globally as valid. For example .US requires additionalfields and they can vary from provider to provider. This is what we have since all the time and worked flawless until 7.8: additionalfields.php file: // .US - REMOVE $additionaldomainfields[".us"][] = array( "Name" => "Nexus Category", "Remove" => true, ); $additionaldomainfields[".us"][] = array( "Name" => "Nexus Country", "Remove" => true, ); $additionaldomainfields[".us"][] = array( "Name" => "Application Purpose", "Remove" => true, ); // .US - LOGICBOXES REGISTRAR STANDARD $additionaldomainfields[".us"][] = array( "Name" => "category", "DisplayName" => "Nexus Category", "LangVar" => "ustldnexuscat", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "C11|".$_LANG['usC11']. ",C12|".$_LANG['usC12']. ",C21|".$_LANG['usC21']. ",C31|".$_LANG['usC31']. ",C32|".$_LANG['usC32'], "Default" => "C12", "Required" => true ); $additionaldomainfields[".us"][] = array( "Name" => "purpose", "DisplayName" => "Application Purpose", "LangVar" => "ustldapppurpose", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "P1|".$_LANG['usP1']. ",P2|".$_LANG['usP2']. ",P3|".$_LANG['usP3']. ",P4|".$_LANG['usP4']. ",P5|".$_LANG['usP5'], "Default" => "P3", "Required" => true ); Adding microsoft.us domain transfer results in validation error: ---------------------------------------- Please correct the following errors before continuing: Nexus Category is required (microsoft.us) Application Purpose is required (microsoft.us) ---------------------------------------- Validate according to present data and not according to what you consider valid since not all providers require these fields in this format. The sense of additionalfields.php file is exactly that we can pass the format we need and you should only validate this. Please revert this back before you launch the final release Thank you
  5. imaticon

    domain lookup issue

    I have taken my time now to make the following: 1. Again a clean install of whmcs 7.7.1 2. Basic setup, system url, mail, gateway, registrar module built in from WHMCS (Resellerclub), and added .com TLD See your self: https://www.hippovideo.io/video/play/Lhf1HYpDLS9HbtkBzWCuiIXszAZCGvz8TyzPhIaXQKA For whatever reason, WHMCS support says that they cannot reproduct this with a fresh install 🙄
  6. imaticon

    domain lookup issue

    Hi Dan, I have several times setup a fresh WHMCS installation and all I did is adding just .com to test this behavior. So what could be different in my fresh install and a fresh install from your end? I would say there is no difference and therefore there is no need to provide access for something you already have at your end ( a fresh whmcs install ). A Bug report has already been opened which has been converted into a support ticket because the support guy was unable to reproduce it. As for now, there is one WHMCS user that is confirming the same behavior ( thank you @EvolveWebHosting ). Maybe I have not explained clear enough what the expected behavior should be? The main issue here is that you need to click again the Search button in the Cart and this should not happen but it does definitely happen BUT ONLY if you reproduce it as I have explained above with the provided settings. Have you tried, @Dan ?
  7. imaticon

    domain lookup issue

    No, clean and fresh install, no modifications.
  8. Hi all, Domain lookup invoked from the main index (form submit to domainchecker.php) does not work if captcha type is set to "reCAPTCHA v2" or "Invisible reCAPTCHA" and Captcha Form Protection is set to "Off when logged in". This affects customer who are logged in only and only with WHMCS 7.7.1 These are the settings to reproduce the issue: 1. Goto WHMCS -> Setup -> General Settings -> TAB "Security" 2. Set Captcha Form Protection to "Off when logged in" 3. Select Captcha Type "reCAPTCHA v2" or "Invisible reCAPTCHA" 4. Save the changes Login as a customer (not as admin on behalf a customer). Goto the main index.php of the WHMCS and make a domain search. This will invoke the domain lookup in cart.php but does not perform the domain search. You need to click the Button "Search" in the cart again. It only happens when logged in and with Captcha Type "reCAPTCHA v2" or "Invisible reCAPTCHA" selected. If you set Captcha Type to "Default (5 Character Verification Code)", then the domain search will be performed without the need to click the search button in the cart. Can someone confirm the same issue?
  9. Blackfriday offer is now live: http://www.resellerclub-mods.com/en/news/490-black-friday-and-v4-module-updates.html
  10. Hi all, I'm happy to inform that BLACK FRIDAY will be back at Resellerclub Mods again like in 2016! 😃 We will offer the following promocodes, only valid on 23rd November 2018, starting from 0:00:01 till 23:59:59 WET (Greenwich Mean Time). Do not miss this offer because for us, BLACK FRIDAY returns only every 2 years. Also kindly note that we do not start the Black friday earlier and we will not extend this Offer beyond 23rd November like many others. PROMO CODES: For all available individual Modules: BLACKFRIDAY-MODULES-2018 For our complete portfolio of leased annual licenses which entails a huge discount: BLACKFRIDAY-BUNDLE-2018 What about the discount, how much? Stay tuned and visit us starting from 23rd November 😉: https://www.resellerclub-mods.com
  11. imaticon

    Full Friendly URLS not working

    As per the WHMCS docs, the following pages use Search Engine Friendly URLs (announcements, kb and marketplace): /store/website-builder /store/email-services /store/ssl-certificates /store/order /announcements /knowledgebase http://help.whmcs.com/m/64969/l/729308 As per my understandings, the shopping cart pages do not use this. Feature request?
  12. imaticon

    How to connect with sub resellers account

    Thank you @brian! The solution to achieve your goal @grapyhost is simple: 1. In WHMCS setup everything with your new Reseller ID using the Resellerclub Registrar Module 2. Activate another Logicboxes registrar Module with the Reseller ID you would like to use only for domain renewals, for example "NetEarthOne", "Resell.biz" , "Resellercamp", etc. 3. For those domains you mention to renew only, change the registrar module from "Resellerclub" to the other Registrar Module you have activated and configured. 4. Set Autoregister to Resellerclub for all your TLDs to ensure that new registers are using the Resellerclub registrar with your new Reseller ID. That's it. This will allow you to manage and renew the domains and your customers will be able to do the same from the client area. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi, The screenshot "showing" is from our registrar module while the other screenshot is from the WHMCS Resellerclub module which doesn't show these and other details. If you see the nameservers, then the WHMCS module works correctly. Hope this helps.
  14. Have you whitelisted the two IPs in your reseller account / Settings / API ?

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