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Recurring Invoices


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Hey guys,



I need some help, this has been frustrating me for ages now


I setup my first client, my girlfriends website, i am using this to test whmcs and get it all workin


I setup a product just for her website, i set it to recurring and using paypal


When she paid the invoice she forgot to click subscription.

Ok fine so i assumed every month she would get an email invoice for the next months payment...

BUT she never did get an email asking for the next payment

3 months later she still had no emails...


It seems whmcs is not sending out an invoice reminder every month, nor is it showing in her control panel


It only sent one out for the first months payment


All my cron jobs are set up correctly it seems, the cron updates exchange rates and updates for the domain sync BUT does send out invoices?!


So i clicked genrate Due invoices, and it did generate one! but just one

it didnt back date the previous months invoice which wasnt sent

and then when she clicked to pay the invoice it said the cost was 0.00 as there was credit on the account which there shouldnt be!


I also noticed she cannot click subscription now..


can u only subscribe on the first invoice?

is it possible for me to cancel all her invoices and send out a fresh one which she can then subscribe to for 12 months?


i Still have the problem though where whmcs isnt automatically sending out invoices

wether its for manual payment or to confirm shes paid every month via subscription



is there a way for me to re initialise an email asking her to subscribe


anyone got any ideas as its cracking me up now ive tried everything



many thanks

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

What entries beginning "Cron Job" do you see at the scheduled time? The last one should be "Cron Job: Completed".


The PayPal subscribe button will be displayed for any invoices belonging to a recurring product/service with a positive total on or before the due date.


To find out where the credit came from, click the "Manage Credits" link on the client's summary page.

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it doesnt mention about cron job for invoices just currency rates


BTW i noticed this box was not ticked on whmcs

"Continuous Invoice Generation"

If enabled, invoices will be generated for each cycle even if the previous invoice remains unpaid


would this be why the client wasn't recieving invoice emails every month?


or is something not setup right?


many thanks

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

As you see some Cron Job entries but no "Cron Job: Completed" entry this suggests the cron is being terminated prematurely by your server. Please increase the memory_limit setting in your server's php.ini to 64M or 128MB which should easily be sufficient. Then see if things improve and you start getting the cron job report again over the next few days.

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