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Integration with Authorize.net does not seem to work


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I have signed up for Authorize.net. I have three problems.


1) There is no place on the WHMCS form presented to the client where they can enter the CID for their CC. This means that the client has to login to their account and enter the CID each month -- kinda defeats the purpose of recurring billing OR go without the security of matching the CID. I'd really like to use the security offered by matching the CID.


2) None of my clients who have entered a CC card have been entered into the Authorize CIM. The instructions for WHMCS are short and sweet -- client enters information, the information automatically goes directly into Authorize.net CIM. I don't find that to be true even for the clients who's CC information actually made it all the way though the payment gateway. (i.e. I got their payment.)


3) Some of my clients have entered their CC information and have been invoiced but when they go to pay the invoice, all that appears is a PDF of the invoice and no way to pay it. No button at the top right hand quadrant under the UNPAID as there usually is.


Any help on any of the above would be great.



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  • WHMCS Support Manager

I'm not familiar with "CID" do you mean the CCV (last 3 digits on the back of the card?)

If so it's illegal for these to be stored in any format so WHMCS doesn't do that, clients will either need to enter it every month or you'll need to get the ability to process transactions without the CCV number AKA "Cardholder not present authorization".


There's no payment button on the PDF invoice, just the printable version. If you're not seeing one this might suggest the there's no payment gateway assigned to the invoice (check the options tab when viewing the invoice in the admin area).

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