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Understanding Next Due Date


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Hi All,


I'm trying to understand "next due date" in the products page.


1) We bill monthly, quarterly and annually.


From my understanding, let's say the next due-date is July 1, 2011.

And i have my automated setting set for 30 days.


On June 1, 2011, it should generate an invoice.


However, when it generates an annual one, the NEXT DUE DATE still says July 1, 2011.


(For my month and quarterly, it changes to another date).


Is this normal behaviour? Or is this a problem with the recent upgrade to WHMCS v4.5.2?


2) If i hit the cron-page directly, vs the daily cron-page hitting it, does that screw up anything?


3) Is the NEXT DUE DATE used for the dates in the invoice? Or is that date obtained from another place in the database?


Any help is appreciated.






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Thanks a lot for your reply John, i really appreciate it.


So when i want to "back-date" an invoice, does this mean my current method is bad?


1) I make a product w/ annual billing (say, July 11, 2011)

2) I wait for the cron-job to run the next day

3) I go in and change the existing invoice

4) I go in and change the NEXT DUE DATE to July 1, 2012)


From what you are saying:


1) This will increment the NEXT DUE DATE when paid, to July 1, 2013?

2) When 2013 comes, the dates in the invoice, will show which date-range exactly?


Thanks a lot for clarifying. That would probably explain my NEXT DUE DATE issue, since they haven't paid yet.



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