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Locked out of WHMCS Admin page


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Yesterday while trying to log into my WHMCS 4.4.3 Admin page, I accidentally typed in the password wrong 3 times. It banned my IP address for roughly 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, I tried to log back in and it kept adding more time to the ban and would not let me log in.

This is the error message I am getting:


"Your IP 184.74.84.xxx has been banned

Ban Reason: 3 Invalid Login Attempts

Ban Expires: 08/10/2011 10:44"


The IP address is my office IP address. I've also tried going into phpMyAdmin and deleting the mysql record for the bannedip. However, WHMCS keeps recreating the ban. I only have one administrator account for WHMCS.

Since I cannot log in, I do not know what my license ID is. I am provided a monthly WHMCS license through my cPanel reseller Hawkhost.


I have no idea how to open a support ticket with WHMCS since I am not a direct client. Could someone put clear instructions on the WHMCS web site on how to get support from WHMCS when someone is an indirect client (my webhost provides a monthly leased license but does not provide WHMCS specific support).



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Thank you and no they did not provide me with this information. I asked about 2 months ago. I ended up submitting a ticket to the pre-sales dept which got moved to support. I didn't want to do that again.


Can a link be added to the Support Page for reseller help? That would be a good idea, imo.


edit: I found my license key via configuration.php file. I was able to open a support ticket.

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