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Adding the OpenSRS additional modules makes WHMCS stop dead, white screen.


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I'm setting up a domain registration system using WHMCS. I'm an experienced sysadmin with full SSH access to the webserver, and root. I've been building DNS infrastructure and control systems for more than a decade, but this is my first experiment with WHMCS.


The Nominet integration works perfectly.


On attempting to register a domain via OpenSRS, I got the error message telling me key modules were missing and providing the link to the "Additional Registrar Module Files Requirement" item here: http://docs.whmcs.com/OpenSRS#Additional_Registrar_Module_Files_Requirement


I pulled the zip file into the modules/registrars/opensrs directory of my install, and extracted the contents using unzip. Following which, any attempt to view the .com domain from the View Client section resulted in a blank white screen. If I go "back" and view a .uk domain, all is well, but as soon as the .com is selected in the drop down, instant white screen.


Looking into the PEAR directory the zip file had created, there's a System.php, trying to run that from the command line produced an error on this line:


require_once 'Console/Getopt.php';


Installing PEAR (which wasn't previously installed on this machine) fixed that, but the white screen in WHMCS is still happening.


I'm assuming I need to install more of the PEAR modules listed in YaST (this is a SuSE 11 box), but does anyone know which ones? I don't want to install more than is necessary.


I've Googled extensively but not come across any reports of this error with these modules.


In a related issue, nothing is being written to the WHMCS host's error_log, even though the php.ini options to enable error logging appear to be active. The nature of the white screen makes me think that the problem is presumably a missing module and that the error message, if it was logged or displayed, would reveal what is missing. Is there anything specific that needs to be done to enable error logging? I'm more familiar with Perl than PHP, so may have missed something.


Thanks in advance for any assistance / information.

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I have the same problem. I've installed php-mcrypt using yum install php-mcrypt but am still getting the error I had before:


Fatal error: Undefined constant 'MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM' in /var/www/html/whmcs/modules/registrars/opensrs/opensrs.php on line 0


Just wondering if I need to also add a line to the php.ini file to take care of this or not?




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