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Support Tray Notification

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Recently we've developed version 1.0 release of our Support Tray package for WHMCS.


Visit http://manage.cmsplushosting.com to purchase and download using the Ordering process. This is being offered at a 10th the price of similiar addon's.


Notice, this may seem like a version 1.0 application, its gonna get better. I seen the response of how many people want this feature. I will be adding things such as:

  • Management of your WHMCS from your tray
  • Permissions Based Department Notification
  • Invoice Management
  • Accounting / Billing Management (permissions based)


I hope I can get some valuable feedback on what you think you'd like to see with this application. This is much better in price, and should provide a better experience for it's users.


Tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x86; Please let us know if it doesn't work on any other architecture.

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I will grab it when your release the new version for sure.


Not sure if it is included, but


Music/Sound notification.


Having notifications for pending orders.


Browse button to upload the link for sound file.


If the current version has that let me know.


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BryanB, at this time only Windows is supported; However, I am interested in any Mac developers that wouldnt mind. Or further instruction from someone who does Mac Development (I dont normally dev in Mac OSx- so unsure what would be needed to port it) ; this would be an interesting port, I am definitely interested if I can get some help from the developer community.

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Version has been released of CMS Support Tray;


We've listened to your feature requests, and will keep adding more! Recent changes in this version include:


* Sound Notification

* Alternate Custom Admin Directory Supported

* Syslog Server Notification


Pending updates in the next release will include multi monitoring options, pending order support etc.



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There is no formal 1 PC per license setup yet. However, this will probably be the maximum. (We are not enforcing it for versions We ask if you like it and use it, to buy it; But licenses are non transferable to third parties.


Future versions may contain license control technology if we suspect abusive usage.


Hope this answer was sufficient. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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I don't trust Windows with anything (especially my WHMCS login). No offense to you or anything, it looks like a great utility but antivirus' fail and I wouldn't want that login getting out. And unfortunately I don't have a Mac.


You might want to discuss the idea with some Linux coders, I think they'd love the project and I would love to have it working in a more secure environment.

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I could do an Air app... would be interesting. Personal development skills, I am familiar with Flex development; So I can try an Air version (flex/flash).


I will see if I can get this accomplished shortly; Probably after windows release. I will keep everyone updated.


Thanks for everyones support!

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