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how to add widget - Domain Pricing Table?

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I know I sond like a complete nubie but I just cannot work out how to add the widget - Domain Pricing Table, to my joomla site as content. I have opened and article in the HTML editor of Joomla and added the code below changing the 'text/css' and 'widgets/domainpricing.php' to be the location of the WHMCS install (subdomain and separate cpanel account), and it just dissapears when I save it?


Is this menat to be inserted in a php page if so how do I get it to appear in a Joomla article? I would really appreciate help... totally at a loss right now.:(




From - http://docs.whmcs.com/Widgets


<style type="text/css">

table.domainpricing {

width: 600px;

background-color: #ccc;


table.domainpricing th {

padding: 3px;

background-color: #efefef;

font-weight: bold;


table.domainpricing td {

padding: 3px;

background-color: #fff;

text-align: center;



<script language="javascript" src="widgets/domainpricing.php"></script>

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