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new livechat module


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i was wondering a few things about the livechat


it is nice that you offer a livecaht module but the thing i was thinking about


why should we use a paid option if there is a free option avaible that does a lot more then the paid option offers ?? (livezilla.net)


so i was wondering if it was maybe possible to co operate with them to get them intregrated into whmcs so it can be made avaible as a free extra option instead a extra paid module ??


Thank you

Greetings From PowerChaos


ps: it is just a suggestion , not to break things down

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as freehosting cant handle all my 16 servers that i got O.o


anyway , what have freehosting to do with livechat ??


livechat is a add on to provide support and to give a better Quality then you have now

freehosting is just a rubish text that you want to say because you got nothing better to do then going offtopic


if you cant give a normal answer then i preffer to not hear a answer from you until you can give a normal answer


the question i asked is a normal question that can make sense , i dont know what deals they have or make


to explain that part takes whmcs as example


you got free billing systems to , but why choose whmcs ?? because it just offers a lot more and can do a lot more then those other billing programs


but with the livechat is it differend , thats why i was wondering about it


and here is my real answer on your freehosting question , is freehosting better then a dedicated server ? not realy ^^ so thats why freehosting stays rubish for me


Greetings From PowerChaos

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