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Using the License add-on script to control product versions and client access


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1. I have the latest version of WHMCS 4.2.1

2. I have purchased their licensing Add-on:

- http://www.whmcs.com/licensingaddon.php





I'm having some trouble properly setting up a product which utilizes the licensing Add-on.


1. The product I want to sell is a php script such as WHMCS.

2. I want to setup where when a client purchases the script, they are allowed 12 months of updates to the script.

3. This mean they have access to download any updates/releases for the script that we might put out during the 12 months.

4. However after the 12 months, they won't be able to download new versions of the script. Just the version they had access to while their support subscription was valid.


5. The client should have the option to extend their subscription time by purchasing an additional 12 months, which will give them access to updates of the script for duration of the subscription.



Sort of like how Vbulletin handles it's subscriptions.


We plan on releasing several patches for our current version of our script, but want to make sure that only those with a valid subscription are able to "download" the file. The files shouldn't appear for anyone who doesn't have a valid subscription for that particular product.


How would I go about doing this?


Thank you in advance.

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Cool, I'm working on setting that up. Thank you for your reply :).


I have one more question I was wondering and related.


I already have packages setup in WHMCS that my clients have purchased before we bought the License Add-On, and we were doing this manually, but I'm wondering if it's possible.


1. Have a client Purchase a product called something like "PHP scripts 10 Pack"

2. Have WHMCS setup licenses for the 10 specific php scripts included in that 10 Pack.

3. As long as the client has an active support package, they will be able to download all 10 scripts as well as have active license keys for those scripts"


Basically want to sell software packs like a 10 Pack which will include 10 of my scripts which have been added to WHMCS as license products. And have the client only pay one support package to maintain access and have active license keys for the 10 specific scripts.


Hope I didn't get too confusing lol.


Thank you in advance for your reply.

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