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I got a few questions..


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I would like to know where I go about editing like things like the $signature, and $nameservers or all the variables in general and why is it if someone opens a ticket and I reply to the ticket via email send of actually going to the ticket, it never updates the actual ticket, am I doing something wrong?

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also if someone pays to my paypal address instead of like the actual invoice link, would it still come up as paid or not paid, and would I have to manually put this in?


I'm also trying to setup SSL, I got ssl via my control panel of my datacenter, but when I try to generate the CSR it gives me an error, if anyone would be kind to help me set this up I would appreciate it a ton!


I put 2 downloads on the download section, but when I try to download them I'm getting this error

File not found. Please contact support.

yet the files were never moved or alike, why would I get this error?


Does anyone know the cheapest credit card processor that has less % + per transaction rates, and is there any that have zero setup fees?


Also I'm curious how many people actually pay for the extra $3 to remove the footer link, and what do you think about it?


Also, I don't know why but I imported like 8 clients I had before I setup whmcs, but it seems like they are not counted in the actual totals or anything, would I have to configure something, or am I doing something wrong? and is there a coupon code I can setup to save for example 50% off one month, instead of recurring, like first time customers save XX% ?


Is it possible to remove certain links from the main portal home, like if I didn't want the knowledge base, and is it possible to create a new link on there without actually modifying the script itself, like I want to put up a vhost link I have, just a link to it, but not make it too complicated.


Is there a option to remove the SEARCH in the right bottom corner? like disable it in the control panel, I think I had one or two questions but I cannot think of them, and my trial account got suspended because I created more then one account and I even asked the support if I could and I try to login and now I'm "suspended" yet there own staff told me I could register for a new account as I never used the trial period the first time I signed up.. hopefully this gets resolved asap! Also could I get an extra day credit for my trial since you suspended it yet I followed all the rules..

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

I already answered some of your questions in other threads. Please don't cross-post:


4. You will need to manually record the payment.


5. Does the file exist in your whmcs /downloads directory?


9. As they haven't made any payments via WHMCS yet, they won't be included in payment totals.


12. Which search are you referring to?

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