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[NOT A BUG] Domain Checker don't accpet special character

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Domain Checker don't accpet special characters, but give this error: "The domain you entered is not valid"


You can reproduce the error at WHMCS Demo site: http://demo.whmcs.com/domainchecker.php


Test it with this domain: øøø.com (it is registered, and should not be available).


Also I get the same error when I check a domain that is not yet registered.


Also I get this error on all three Norwegian special characters. These are: æ and ø and å


Edit: Also in the cart.php it have the same problem at the demo site and gives the error "The domain you entered is not valid", but at my own cart.php and domainchecker at my own site it just shows the domain as available, but it is registered! I am using the newest WHMCS version. This is a big problem, as anybody can register a domain with special character when it is already registered!

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That domain you gave is invalid. The domain can't consist of any special characters except for a hyphen.


The only characters that can be used are the 26 regular letters of the alphabet, numbers, and the hyphen.


000.com is registered, but øøø.com isn't registered and can't be as it has invalid characters in it.

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So you expext customers to type in xn--pdaaa.com when using the domain checker? That is wrong. Many domain checkers out there support these characters. Amoung them is the one I linked to. You can type in just øøø.com and it works.

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We really need IDN support!


EIther WHMCS can accept anything and show it free (not so good solution) or a converter

will convert IDN to ACE domains instead and it can then be registered with any registrar.

There's a lot of converter classes/scripts.

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