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the UNTOUCHABLE whmcs pages


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I have a custom template in whmcs and I've edited header.tpl, homepage.tpl, and footer.tpl


The page looks perfect.


However, when I go to the shopping cart page, for example, that page does not use the template I used. The header and footer are there, but the core cart.php file does not use the template that I have created, and if I try to edit cart.php, I get a message saying that the file is 'corrupted'.



What am I doing wrong? It's the same way with so many other pages.... they won't let me touch them.


How do I get the contents of these files to show up within the context of the template that I have created?


Thanks in advance.


By the way, here is an example of what I mean:


Home page is fine:



But submit ticket page is not:


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It's not the cart.php file that you want to edit.


If you go into the templates folder you will see the following folders:




Cart (I think that's what it is named).


It's the .tpl files in the Cart folder that you want to edit.


For the submitticket you want to go into the templates folder, select the folder containing the templates you are using (ie portal, default, or a custom one), and look for the submitticket.tpl file which you can edit.


Don't forget to empty the templates_c folder after you have edited the template files.

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I see templates/orderforms/cart

I assume this is where I need to be working for cart files correct?


I got everything working now EXCEPT the cart files, which seem to have some extra junk in them that is messing up my template and throwing things off

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Well, to use a technical terms, there's a bunch of junk in the cart.php file. ;)


But yes, seriously, what is happening is an effect that looks similar to the effect you get when you have an extra <td> or an unclosed <tr> tag..... the cart.php file has some misaligned table elements and background images of table elements that is causing the page not to display properly:


Here is the one broken page:



But all of the other pages on the site look fine, like this one for example:


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Ok, I think I may have determined part of the problem.


The cart.php contents are too wide for my template. (which should not be the case, because the cart contents seem to be in a table that has a relative width (100%)


But at any rate, the table that is created with the cart contents in it is too wide and that seems to be breaking my template apart .


I don't see the code in products.tpl that govern how wide the table is that holds the products in it.


Where does that code come from ? (the code that is used to display the cart elements)?

It does not appear to be in the admin --> setup --> products/services drop down menu.

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