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Multicurrency causes invalid account credit - Quantum Gateway


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This one is pretty funny, I almost missed it though (which would've been bad!)


Cutting to the chase...


- Our base system currency is USD.

- Exchange rates update every night.

- All gateways (including the Quantum Gateway) are instructed to convert to USD for processing.

- The Quantum Gateway sends a verification email displaying the proper amount ordered in (119.95 USD in this case).

- The orders/transactions/stats report perfect for every currency ordered in.


* The problem is what the invoices show and the invalid account credit caused when ordering in EUR or GBP (the other options).


We have a product group worth 119.95 USD (rougly 97.88 EUR). When ordering using EUR from the checkout process, this is what the invoice says:



This is a payment receipt for Invoice 1235147 sent on 05/28/2010


Nuclear Fusion €73.42 EUR

Addon - Smart Packer (20% off) €24.46 EUR


Sub Total: €97.88 EUR

Credit: €0.00 EUR

Total: €97.88 EUR


Amount: €119.95 EUR

Transaction #: 1820275

Total Paid: €119.95 EUR

Remaining Balance: €-22.07 EUR

Status: Paid



Notice the "Total" is €97.88 EUR but the "Amount" is €119.95 EUR.


The 119.95 is suppose to be the amount in USD, but it's not just an acronym problem because it actually gives the user a 22.07 EUR account credit, LOL!


What it looks like to me is... the system thinks the gateway response is coming back in the user's local currency but actually isn't --- causing the system to think it's an overcharge.


I hate to be a pest but could we get a fix/patch for that? I'd do it myself if it weren't for the pesky encrypted source files, haha. If I need to upgrade out of my trial before such assistance is offered let me know, I've seen enough to be happy with this product and only have about a week left anyhow.

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Here's a thought... if I absolutely had to I could probably look at the gateway integration docs and modify the input variables on the return trip (at the top of the gateway response script in unencrypted form).


Shoot in the dark a bit until I hit something :P

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Just wanted to say that the staff here (via support ticket) took very good care of me!


As far as the technical support world goes, that was light-speed help. Thanks a lot Matt!


They issued me 2 new files to replace in my installation and everything works flawlessly. Here's me being totally impressed. :) Is there a testimonials page somewhere? LOL!

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