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Escalation doesn't escalate?


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Hi all!


I installed the WHMCS trial (planning on purchasing soon) and am loving it. Technically I only needed a shopping cart, but the customer support aspect of this product (that I can offer to my clients) along with the multitude of other features make it SO worth it.


Anyhow, the setup is all done and working smoothly. Nightly cron jobs update the exchange rates and the email piping opens support tickets automatically (sales@nuclearglory.com and support@nuclearglory.com).


We're not live yet, getting the initial testing done and working out the customizations a bit later.


Everything appears to function perfectly.


Here's the gotcha...


I discovered the ticket escalation system and wanted to give that a try. I setup the rules and the cron job (hits every 5 minutes). I initially set the rules to something low like 3 minutes to make sure it would auto-escalate and reply to tickets - nothing. I tried 5 and 6 minutes - nothing. I tinkered with it on & off for several hours (adjusting the delay to 120 minutes) - nothing.


One thought was maybe the cron job was setup wrong. But the activity log in WHMCS shows the escalation cron firing off every 5 minutes - just no escalation of any of the tickets :-P


I tried renaming the rule, adjusting the various rule settings, creating tickets before & after the creation of the rule. The best thing I can think of is maybe I missed a global or department-related setting somewhere.


Will post up some screenshots of the relevant sections in a moment.


If anyone wants to fire off an email at the above email addresses to see, feel free to.

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I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I looked over all of the sections in advance (this one was closest to the mark) - the system just asked me to login again and now I see the technical help board and an array of others I didn't see before.


Sorry about that. Mod can move me over if they like.

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