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Manual Invoices


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Hi guys,


I'm just curious, How would I make it so the invoices are generated automatically but it requires me manually accepting them before sending?


I basically want to edit each Invoice and enter a custom amount of additional fees for each invoice before it gets sent on the 1st or 2nd of the month.




- Chase

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when it is predictable amount to add, then you can use a hook to manipulate the invoices always automatically. when it is always a very custom amount, ... not good.


Ya.. it's always a random amount....



So basically your saying to


A) Stop the cron job


B) Manually create invoice


C) Send to customer



Is it possible to automatically create the Recurring invoice, then I can ADD onto it, then send it?

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We are also looking for this feature for two reasons...


1. Migration from Quickbooks Invoicing to WHMCS

We want to verify these before they go out to customers. Over time we can confirm that the correct invoices are generated, make any changes if needed, then send out.


2. We have some invoices that we want to 'clean up' before sending out the door.

This might be adding additional line items, including complex or 'special' discounts that are not covered by the standard promotions.


Is there any to have them generate, but not to email? We do not want to disable the full automation just to prevent invoices from going out.

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Ugh, Still not working as intended.


What about if I for example, do pro-rata billing and Bill on the 5th of every month. Set WHMCS to create the invoices 4 days in advance, and before the 5th enter all the additional details into everybody's invoice.


Would it then bill the correct amounts on the 5th?

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Ah ha... I think I've got it now.


Basically just Invoice on the 5th of every month, setup so it creates the invoice 1 day before they are due.


Next from the 1-3rd of the month I basically just "Add Billable Item" under the clients section and set it to add to the users next invoice.


Should work fine....

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