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Server groups not working as before


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since update to 4.2.1 one of my server group won't be assigned to created accounts automatically. I tried to make new server group, new server and new product to be sure I don't use any old or corupted files from the DB but still no changes.


It was working properly all the time and I didn't change anything. My provider claim the same, the server settings has not be changed or somthing on their side.


I have really no idea what went wrong.




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thanks for your reply. The problem was here:


Answer from your support team:


The server groups functionality hasn't changed so this would indicate that your group config is incorrect. For example on the US servers, you have "Fill active server until full then switch to next least used" yet no servers in that group are active so it would give the result you're seeing of no server selected. Instead you'll need to use "Add to the least full server" for that group.


Maybe it would be a good idea to not allow the one option if only 1 server is assigned to a group.


Thanks, it works! Great support!



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Hi guys,


What's the right definition for 'active server'? What if I add three servers to my group, two of which are already in use:


server1: 10/100

server2: 5/100

server3: 0/100


How will this option work for 'Fill active server until full then switch to next least used'? What will be the first active server to setup accounts on: server1 or server2? Will server3 be the least used server or it can only be an active server?



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