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Paypal: creating a link in email / clients viewing invoices without log in


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Hi all.


I want to make things as easy as possible for a client to pay. As the moment, they have to log in my whmcs system then pay. But seeing as people do this once per year, they always forget how to log in.


I have 2 solutions I'd like to implement if possible


1. I would like to create a paypal 'pay now' link direct in the email that gets sent out. They can click this, pay their amount, and be done! It should be easy enough to create a paypal link in the email, but i was just wondering if anyone knows exactly what info I'd have to pass through - product name, id, value etc to make it work with the whmcs ipn


2. A host I used in the past emailed out links to invoices, which included a link to view the invoice. I could view it, and pay it, without having to log in. I think this would probably be something for WHMCS to create, not me though - but i think it would be useful




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  • WHMCS Support Manager

1. Add {$invoice_payment_link} to your invoice email template. Note that not all mail clients will handle the HTML properly, so this could cause more trouble than it's worth.


2. I can't see that happening, it presents a security risk.

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I'd actually hoped option 2 would be implemented at some time in the future, as some of my people aren't big on logging in, either. Since the emails already have amounts due and itemization of services, I am not sure how sending out an invoice copy (with the link to pay) would represent a greater security risk than the existing emails...

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I've tried using {$invoice_payment_link}, it makes a form - which looks nice, but like John said, having a form within an email doesn't work in many email clients.


I've tried constructing my own paypal link in the same format as when you create an email paypal link within paypal itself. I can populate the link with the invoice ID, but the cost comes through as "$10nz" for example, whereas paypal wants to just know the number "10", and then put 'nzd' in the currency type option.


the only solution I can think of here is to put some code in the send mailer file, which i can edit becuase it's an opensource section, and just have a try and replace something in the email body to make the email link correct.


however, if there is a merge field for currency, and invoice total with the '$' in it, that would work perfectly.

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My Semi solution!


I will create a link in the invoice emails to a page on my website called 'payinvoice.php'.

This will be outside of whmcs. It's simply a page with a paypal button on it. The user can enter the amount, and type in the their invoice number. Then click to pay. I'll get notification of the payment, and just tick them off in the WHMCS.


This way, I'm not trying to mess around with functions in WHMCS and i'm giving clients a really easy way to give me their cash! And the only risk is that they don't pay the correct amount, but i'll manually be checking these anyway.



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