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Issues with Google Checkout declining payments

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Anyone having an issue with Google Checkout declining payments? One of my clients tried to make a payment of $425 and his credit card company called him to verify the charge. He verified it and approved the charge, but Google Checkout is still saying declined.


I submitted a ticket with Google...just wondering if anyone else has this problem.


Another client tried to make a payment around the same amount and he said it wouldn't let him .


Any ideas?



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I should have asked this in my last post.


If I uncheck "My company will only post digitally signed carts" will my version (3.8.1) still work?


My thoughts are to uncheck this now so I don't have to remember it when I finally get around to upgrading. :roll:

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I had the same issue and unchecked "My company will only post digitally signed carts" and it worked but next question is how safe to use Googlechekout with the warning below?

"Warning: It is unusual to accept unsigned carts with an API integration. By default, Google rejects unsigned shopping carts. If you choose to accept unsigned shopping carts, we recommend carefully reviewing order item prices to ensure they are correct."

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It's not a risk, because I'm pretty sure WHMCS takes the amount paid via google checkout and applies it to the invoice, so if someone changed the price to $1, WHMCS would apply transaction for $1 to the invoice, and it wouldn't be paid off. The issue is when you just look for a response from google checkout saying paid, without checking how much was paid against how much you expected to get paid.

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