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Problems with creating accounts (testing out my client area)


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Hello, I created my server for cPanel/WHM, but when I go to create a test account with subdomain test.cleoresellers.com, it will create the account, and stay on "Pending" until I activate it, but it wont create a cPanel user name and pass, and it wont actually create an account in WHM. anything wrong here?


I have my Password Hash and user name set-up, but I also dont know where to find my server IP (even though the one I do know leads to my WHM Login)

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I am having the same problem. I believe I have everything setup correctly i have the package name as in WHM and I have the username and the password and I have all the details I need for tit to create the account but when I go sign up it keeps the free order pending unitl I activate it even though I marked create instantly. I have tried it on other accounts also. Seeing as I have a couple paid options as well it located at http://billing.deyoldhost.com I currently have it where you can't access the site seeing as I had someone come in a use every free account with in 20 minutes then when it didn't make the first accoutn he kept trying more. So I am currently working on reinstalling whmcs. and I will once again start over and I'll probably run into this problem again seeing as I have for the last 3 days now.:cry:

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Ok I have set it all up again and follow the instructions to the letter I have made the accounts correctly. It still sets the account to pending even when I have it set to make the account instantly. Something isn't right and seeing as I contacted my hosting tech support and they told me to contact whmcs seeing as I have the information added correctly. It Never creates the account in my WHM panel which has me completely stumped. Seeing as I had it all working a couple of days ago.

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I noticed this as well... BUT even though the account in whmcs is still in pending, on my system the account WAS actually created via WHM and can immediately access their cPanel. But, I have to change order status manually from pending even though the account has been set up. (it does not duplicate the setup when change from pending)


Wondering if this is considered normal?

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