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WHMCS Billing - please help


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Hey Guys,


I have a problem and don't know how to sort this out.


Long Story short - I have a client that ordered 2 Domains - 1 x Parked and Pointed @ R25 per months and 1 x Hosted on a Maxi Package of R200 per month.


A lot of wrong billing has gone down and this client is upset because although I tried sorting out the Billing Part in WHMCS I can not get it right.


The Domains are there but my problem is (I think) is "next due date"


All I really need to happen here is the following - I need his next Bill to state R225 (being the above R200 + R25 ) and should not be mailed to him prior to 3 April 2010.


If I go to his Services Tab it states : Next due date - 2010/05/16

I have tried changing this but it seems to go wrong somewhere ?


At the moment it also only states R200 - and I don't know how to get the R25 in there for the Parked and pointed domain?


- How do I get this right ?

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Hi John,


I don't understand what you mean by an "add on to the service".

We charge for parked and pointed domains - the .com site he ordered is parked and redirected to the .co.za domain. This should be charged at R25 per month.

Does that answer your question ?

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Ok the only way I could think of to answer your Question was to go and do a Demo Domain Registration.


Where I would select "Parked and Pointed" in the WHMCS Cart it states :


Below you can configure the domain names in your shopping cart selecting the addon services you would like, providing required information for them and defining the nameservers that they will use.


So - this will be an addon. :-)

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

So, the fact that the recurring price on the client's product/services tab says R200 is correct. The R25 for the addon will be added to the renewal invoice automatically.


You just need to click the "click here to manage" link and ensure the addon's next due date matches the product's next due date. They will then renew together on the same invoice, making the total R225 as you require.


Set both next due dates to the day you want the payment to be taken.

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If I click "click here to manage" there is nothing there. John this should in fact work like a normal Hosting Package - it is re-acuring monthly cost just like a Hosting Package.


ok this is my plan - can I not just go to the Services Tab > Make the Recurring Amount R225 and change the Next Due Date to when I want it?


If yes do I click the Auto Recalculate Recurring Price on Save?

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