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  1. I think I found out what the issue is I also had noticed the difference is that clicking on Login as Owner for the users with an error goes to https://xxxxx/admin/client/548/login for imported users from Blesta and the ones created via WHMCS work go to https://xxxxx/clientarea.php. I looked at the Table: tblusers and noticed the password are empty. I created a password for that user then tried to Login as Owner and it worked! Looks like passwords will need to be set manually for the ones migrated from a different platform. Hope this helps others with this issue.
  2. Hi I am having the same issue with clients I imported from Blesta. Did any one find a solution?
  3. I uploaded the template six again and now it works. Wonder why it was not working as I had not made any changes to any of the files.
  4. I am not sure when it happen but I had a client today inform me that they cannot add a new contact. They click on the add new contact but the form to add details is missing when the page loads. Has anyone had this issue? I am not sure during which update this first started but I know it was working before the 8.0 update
  5. I am also having this issue when I tried to edit anything via the admin. HAs anyone found a solution?
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