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  1. Hi, We're using WHMCS not for a hosting company but another SaaS business. I'm planning to add two types of new addons (upsell) in addition to the monthly subscription payment. - Fixed price addon. which will be added to the monthly fee. What's the best way to do that? some kind of addon configuration or just duplicate all packages to have package+addon price as new packages? - Credits addons (probably two different ones). These are one-time credits purchases (not adding funds as regular whmcs credit). For example the user buys 10,000 credits for $X or 100,000 credits for $Y and uses it in our tool. When it ends he can purchase more credit packages. Pay-as-you go kind of credits. What's the best way to do that? Thanks
  2. It's still down.. For example 404 on: https://myworks.design/software/whmcs-paypal-billing-agreements-payment-gateway/ I thought it was fixed because I've entered the clientarea (fortunately that's what I needed).
  3. Hi, I'd like to block free email clients when people sign up to our free product, but not for paid product. If they sign up directly to a paid product I don't care which email they enter.. but for the freemium one I need to filter abusers, so one of the ways is block free email clients (gmail,yahoo etc'). Is it possible to do per product? Thanks
  4. I've just got this answer from WHMCS: "I have checked with our Management and Development teams and can confirm that we do not have any plans currently to develop a module for PayPal Billing Agreements." Wow.. Just wow... PayPal billing agreement is so widely use by many merchants nowadays and we need to rely on external modules for it.. Unbelievable.. Anyway, @myworksdesign When do you expect to update the module for v8? Thanks
  5. Hi, Is MyWorks PayPal Billing Agreements still relevant in v8? Or does WHMCS already have an official gateway for it?
  6. I know it wasn't in the past and we're using the MyWorks module. Is it supported in the current versions? and if so - what happens with all the current agreements if I switch from MyWorks to it? Thanks
  7. Hello, We have a custom external gateway for 2Checkout as it was very bad in the past, and now it prevent us from upgrading WHMCS. The old one couldn't do the following things. I see that there's a new version of the gateway - does it support it those things (couldn't find any info about it): 1. Cancel 2CO subscriptions once the WHMCS account is cancelled or downgrade to a free plan 2. Identify/Prevent duplicate payments for the same invoice (for example manual+automatic subscription) 3. Prevent creation of more than one 2Checkout subscription 4. Option from within WHMCS to update the card details (not on 2Checkout), 5. Does it allow changing subscription amount now by upgrades/downgrades new amounts (change it automatically)? In the custom one we had to cancel the old subscription and create a new one for the new amount. I hope it does all this already. Please Advise, Thanks!
  8. I've put it above the "for each" because that's what I understood from what's posted in the thread.. I tried the if but it still shows the first the pay-to settings details and then the condition details... It's like it gets the details from the settings somewhere.. The code is: # Company Details $pdf->SetXY(15, 42); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 13); if (date('Y-m-d', strtotime(str_replace('/', '-', $datecreated))) <= '2020-09-08') { $companyaddress[] = 'Company details old'; $companyaddress[] = '1'; $companyaddress[] = '2'; $companyaddress[] = '3'; $companyaddress[] = '4'; } else { $companyaddress[] = 'Company details new'; $companyaddress[] = '1'; $companyaddress[] = '2'; $companyaddress[] = '3'; $companyaddress[] = '4'; } foreach ($companyaddress as $addressLine) { $pdf->Cell(180, 4, trim($addressLine), 0, 1, 'R'); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 9); } $pdf->Ln(5);
  9. Thanks for the help! I'm in the same situation. In invoicepdf.tpl I've added the code before the foreach, but no matter what I try it displayed both the set pay-to text address and after it the address from the condition. I've also tried the following as my dev suggested: # Conditional Company Details if (date('Y-m-d', strtotime(str_replace('/', '-', $datecreated))) <= '2020-09-08') { $companyaddress[] = '1'; $companyaddress[] = '2'; $companyaddress[] = '3'; $companyaddress[] = '4'; $companyaddress[] = '5'; } but no luck.. still shows both address one below the other. Any idea? -- Regarding the hook for viewinvoice, I've managed to make it work but I had to tweak it to: add_hook('ClientAreaPageViewInvoice', 1, function($vars) { $invoice = Capsule::table('tblinvoices')->where('id', $vars['invoiceid'])->first(); if ($invoice && $invoice->date <= '2020-09-08') { // Company Details for all invoices/proformas issued until 2016-12-31 return array('payto' => 'company<br>details.'); } }); Just posting it here in case it would help someone in the future..
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