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  1. Unable to complete incremental updates: Unable to import the 8.0.0 Alpha1 database file. Unable to import /home/******/public_html/resources/sql/upgrade800alpha1.sql: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1142 INDEX command denied to user '******'@'localhost' for table 'tblactivitylog'
  2. Suddenly I'm getting 503 error front-end backend both side.
  3. Hi, I'm using WHMCS 7.10. Every 4 hours I'm getting an email notification of Domain Synchronisation Cron Report. I want it run in background but I don't want to get notification every 4 hours on my email, So how can I stop this?
  4. Last time I didn't try this but it's worked now. Thank you @brian!
  5. I'm running a resell hosting. I have added a cPanel server to my WHMCS. I have put my specific IP address and hostname there. example:- Hostname:- cpanle.domain.com IP: 123.123.123 But when a user/client tried to login cPanel/webmail from clientarea it redirects to my main hosting provider, not to my hostname domain URL. ( server.provider.com not to my cpanel.domain.com ) **My concern is I don't want to reveal my provider domain address to my clients. I want to show my hosting company domain only. Note:- last time I have to fix this issue by simply doing tricks that putting my hostname in IP Address filed but in new WHMCS I'm not able to put any text on IP address field. ( maybe it was validation bug in the previous WHMCS but in the new version, they fixed it)
  6. How can I re-sort can you give me an example? I'm using Lagom theme. Attached configureproducts.tpl configureproduct.tpl
  7. When someone trying to order a new service the default billing cycle always set to monthly but I like to set this billing cycle annual instead fo monthly.
  8. Ha ha ha.... Thank you for your great reply, I really like the Cyberpanel interface CWP is also nice. I didn't like Virtualmin that so much but maybe I will start with Virtualmin for now. because of you are using Virtualmin I have some question :- Are you using litespeed server? or is it possible to configure with openlitespeed with Virtualmin? For node js is there have any module? like on cPanel user can easily host their node.js/laravel etc application
  9. Nothing workers for me. I was posted on cPanel community one guy give me a tips now it's perfectly working for me. I edit Server WHMCS:- remove hostname (leave it blank) edit the IP and put your domain in there.
  10. First of all Thank you all, I'm new here I didn't expect that I will get any response in a short time. You guys are awesome. Specially @brian! man you are life saver. I created a .php file on hooks folder and place your code their. It's perfectly redirect with user domain not with main server link 😚. But now the problem is after redirect to cPanle or Webmail it's not login automatically (previous time user can login by one click from client panel area, they don't need to put cPanle username and pass). Is it possible to make one click login from client area but with their own domain name? Note:- After clicking I'm getting type type of URL http://name.com:2082/unprotected/redirect.html?goto_uri=
  11. Form WHMCS client area when I clicked on "Login to cPanel" or "Login to WHM" from action tab it redirect to cPanel with the main server url. So my question is how can I control this redirect url and use custom url or IP? I don't want that My client will see the orginal server url. Note:- I'm have dedicated IP (I put my dedicated IP in hostanme from whmcs server setup option ) but it's not redirect to my Dedicated IP it's directly redirect to main server domain and then in to user cPanle
  12. Hi, I have WHMCS licence. Is there have any whm/cPanle alternative free/opensource panel which I in interrogate with my WHMCS? My goal is install a free panel on vps and then interrogate that server to WHMCS for automation.
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