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  1. Positive and Grateful

    Displaying Existing Sidebar on Different Page

    In addition, if I add it to 'clientarea' it'll show up twice once user is in the sub-views of that page.
  2. Positive and Grateful

    Displaying Existing Sidebar on Different Page

    I tried using the code located here to create recreate it in a hook But when I tried changing it to a PrimarySidebar instead of SecondarySidebar it broke it. How can I change this to a PrimarySidebar?
  3. When I go to /clientarea.php?action=details I see the "My Account" Primary Sidebar. How can I get it to show on the main clientarea.php page. I know there are posts on how to create a sidebar based on a hook, but what if the sidebar already exists somewhere else, how can I replicate it to a different page? Thanks in advance.
  4. Positive and Grateful

    A belated hello from the Golden Coast

    A belated hello to the WHMCS community. I am Positive and Grateful but people call me Joe. I'm glad this place exists, so thanks to the moderators for making it happen. I am in Southern California and would love to connect with anyone who is local here and collaborate. If anyone is in the LA / San Diego area, please let me know. Glad to be here and looking forward to making new friends, online and maybe realtime too.
  5. Positive and Grateful


    Dude, you are awesome. Although you did not give me a perfect solution (some good options though), I appreciate the time you took in responding. I will look at using an alternate lookup provider for now until OpenSRS updates their module. One more related question: I'm having a hard time with the whois.json file since I am offering a lot of domains. I've read some of your other posts about it and testing the various whois servers. I'm not familiar with how the system is structured, so my question is, if I am using a lookup provider why would I need to update those files? Shouldn't those whois settings be updated by the lookup provider module? Isn't that what it is there for? Do I still need to update the whois.json file?
  6. Positive and Grateful


    I am an OSRS reseller and I don't want to offer premium domains. However when I use the Standard Whois lookup provider it displays premium domains as availalbe, but it doesn't even display the actual pricing for them (it displays the pricing I've entered for regular/new domains). So even if I was to offer premium domains, the proper pricing would not be displayed. Which lookup provider do I use? Should I sign up for another reseller and use theirs as a lookup, even though I would like to use OSRS for my registrations? Is that possible? I assume the lookup and the registration processes are separate (since it's 2 different settings)? Is there no lookup provider module for OSRS? OR Does OSRS have a PHP file that I can send the requests to, as in your last post. Like this:
  7. Positive and Grateful

    Slow Pages After Adding TLDs

    Not a bad idea. I created a fake product, made it free, and checked off "Require Domain" and "Hidden". The only problem is that it shows on the "Review & Checkout".
  8. Positive and Grateful

    Slow Pages After Adding TLDs

    I'm using the Premium Comparison template, and I added a lot of TLDs to my WHMCS, and now when I go to this page: /cart.php?a=add&domain=register Or this page /cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer they both load extremely slow. I've checked the community for similar issues, and tried everything including deleting the price table and nothing changes the load time (still slow). To avoid these 2 pages all together, I'd like to use the interface located here: /cart.php?a=add&pid=2 as the main Register Domain & Transfer Domain pages, the only problem is, this interface is part of a product setup process. Is there any way I can use this screen as the Domain Registration and Transfer screen without having it be locked into a product? Maybe by copying the code and placing it somewhere else? Thanks in advance.
  9. Positive and Grateful

    Product Group Page Adding HTML after Features List

    Works perfectly! Thank you.
  10. I'm using the Premium Comparison order form template, and I would like to add HTML content on the Product Groups page (specific to that product group), before and/or after the Group Features List. I know you can add HTML inside each product, but how do I add HTML div on the Group Page? Thanks in advance.
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