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  1. How we can enable login with whmcs user account on our "discourse community" server ? is there any way we can use common user table for both discourse and whmcs ? or any other login integration possible ? (both whmcs and discourse in different servers)
  2. Hello, We created a new add-on for creating tickets for the due invoices . This addon behave like a virtual staff that open ticket for due invoices and rollup till the payment complete . This whmcs "Add-on" will create new tickets for the due invoices (you can set the dates ) . So you can warn clients that it terminate or suspended after this date make full payments as soon as possible . If the client make the payment , this will auto check the invoice status and say thanks for the payment and close the ticket. If the client not paid, so you set another two more warning and say in each ticket the termination will done in few days or we ae about to close the account . It will behave like a staff who following up the due invoices and open ticket , then warn the clients accounting to the due dates and the dates you set . and finally if client make the payment it will say thanks and close the ticket. Features: auto due invoice ticket creation. auto replay to the same tickets by checking the status of the invoices. auto replay if the invoices marked paid. close the ticket opened by this add-on after verifying payment status. I have added the source code/files in both GitHub and source forget . Anyone can download and modify the codes as per their own interest . Download : https://github.com/ebinvthomas/virtual-staff-for-whmcs https://sourceforge.net/projects/virtual-staff-for-whmcs-ucartz/ https://www.ucartz.com/clients/index.php?rp=/download
  3. Hello, We hire freelancers and build a new module which create ticket for the due invoices . Module working method :. It will open ticket for coming due invoice(according to the date we set) . Replay to same ticket according to final due , termination warning And it check wether invoice paid or not and replay to same ticket and say thanks ( and ticket close). But sadly that module work for all other whmcs, except ours, no idea what happened, I will upload that module here, if anyone can help, that would be a great help. If anyone interested, please message, I can share the code with you
  4. Hello, We actually created a module for opening new support ticket regarding due invoice notification . This module will create new support ticket with warning and invoice number for due invoice. the again auto replay to same ticket after checking the payment completed or not . the date for opening can be set(2 days before final due date or same over due etc). but sadly its not working in our whmcs , but all other fresh whmcs install its working fine, can anyone help me ? I am ready to share the code, we can make it open source
  5. https://join.skype.com/invite/QoM4p3cBs7mh Try using this
  6. i am not talking about domain reseller, i am talking about server,vps and other service reseller module
  7. Hello, I wonder if someone can build a reseller module for whmcs . means if a company use that module, their sub resellers can connect it with their whmcs . whmcs for the cancellation submission in the sub-reseller account . also for a particular support department, they can connect it and do same.If IP whitelist, reboot, reload, shutdown feature inside the main company so that the sub reseller can connect it
  8. Hello, Like everyone else , we also love automation . Automation is helping us to do our jobs easier and also they can do things differently . What if our client/visitor of our website can place orders though live chat or a popup window ? ! without a support staff help ? !! that now possible in many food ordering sites ( https://bot-demo.ordering.co/index_movil.html ). . if any one can create a module like that , that would be super good and we maybe a jump 10 steps towards the future of automation .
  9. Welcome to WHMCS.Community Ebin V Thomas! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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