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  1. I'm getting bellows error after install whmcs 8.2 from all of Domain Registrars module. I already checked StarGate/UK2 & ResellerClub but both are showing same error. Please check attached image to see both Registrars module error. An Error Occurred Invalid credentials, or your User account maybe Inactive or Suspended Your changes have not been saved. How to solve this issue?
  2. I'm using INR & Paypal. Both same problem. Interesting issue I have two (1 for me & another for my client) whmcs license both are same problem. Both are same problem
  3. No, Problem not in Plugin Because I have checked both way. I used whmcs bridge & wordpress this way not working And also test it without wordpress & whmcs bridge this way also not working Payment getaway also not the issue Check attached image. So that means problem is in whmcs
  4. My all clients only able to take there all registration process, manage there account & payment in Wordpress through whmcs bridge plugin but i don't forward data from whmcs to wordpress what whmcs bridge do like client frorward
  5. I'm using WHMCS 7.7.1 & WordPress. I have integrate WordPress with WHMCS using whmcs-bridge. Problem is, a client register for hosting and domain & complete the payment for the invoice but after his payment the invoice still showing unpaid. Note that: After payment client redirecting to client area this one working fine. Only invoice showing unpaid Please help me to solve it
  6. Hello, I need some help regarding support ticket attached image problem in admin panel. A client able to attached an image with support ticket when they open ticket from client area but problem is as a admin when I'm try to open those support ticket & try to reply. When I to reply & click on attached image to view, it's taking me login page. But without attached image support ticket system working fine. I can't understand what was the problem occurring after attached images. Please check attached file for screenshot Someone please help me
  7. ovi

    Registrar Error

    @ durangod Yes I added my IP, I facing this problem just 3 to 5 hours before. Until this last 2 years working all fine. If you can please help me
  8. I am using whmcs 5.2.5 . Everything running well but from last 3 hours getting an error in my admin dashboard domain page- Like "Customer Profile > Domains" page showing bellows error ======================================================= Registrar Error Access Denied: You are not authorized to perform this action ======================================================= Please help me
  9. Hello, I'm using WHMCS v5.2.5. My automatic product or service suspended not working after expire renew date. I set auto suspend after two days from the expire date but not suspend. I've to manually suspend it. Few days before it's working well but facing problem last 1 month. Please help me
  10. Hello John, I read all post there but not solve the problem. Please check my bellows details - I check my WHMCS " Billing > Gateway Log " & getting bellows error for all paypal payments. Please help me how can i solve it. For security reason i remove our company & client details. Replacing there doted like this (..........) mc_gross => 11.00 protection_eligibility => Ineligible payer_id => CMA8F6RQ5HAF4 tax => 0.00 payment_date => 18:23:03 Sep 17, 2013 PDT payment_status => Pending charset => gb2312 first_name => ......................................... mc_fee => 0.73 notify_version => 3.7 custom => 200 payer_status => verified business => ........................................... quantity => 1 verify_sign => Axx3N5WkxFWX37Os1Dxo7tGxrBf-Ah3HKWCepaBwqPmpY.8sFERNJ89k payer_email => ......................................... txn_id => 042486406X2584301 payment_type => instant payer_business_name => ........................................... last_name => Coleman receiver_email => .................................................... payment_fee => 0.73 receiver_id => 8GZFQ5UHU9BAY pending_reason => paymentreview txn_type => web_accept item_name => .......................................... mc_currency => USD item_number => residence_country => US handling_amount => 0.00 transaction_subject => 200 payment_gross => 11.00 shipping => 0.00 ipn_track_id => f9b69cf94a52b IPN Handshake Response => Please help to solve it
  11. Hello everyone, I'm facing too much problem on my Paypal IPN. When any customer pay me by paypal it's not send any direct notification message to my WHMCS. My WHMCS not getting notification message from paypal & not complete customer order automatically. All time i manually complete the order. I'm running a Hosting business. Note: I already enable IPN in my paypal account. My WHMCS automatic system setting also ok. My paypal account "Business Account". So please help me. It is urgent
  12. Hello, Next month or year Renew time i'm facing bellows problem only. For next year renew time when whmcs automatically create any hosting invoice at the same time it not create domain renewal invoice. Domain renew notice send to client on time as per setting i made but client have to go client area then domain area then renew it. I want Hosting & domain renewal invoice create at once. For example If my hosting price $12 & domain price $9 - whmcs create invoice at once $21 is ok BUT my whmcs create $12 invoice & for domain $9 client have to go domain panel in client area then renew & pay. So help me to solve this problem ? Is there any option to change in my whmcs admin panel for hosting & domain invoice create at once? Please help
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