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  1. By the way, if this is in the wrong area please let us know and I will post it in the correct community. thanks
  2. Anyone else used these guys for custom development? I've used them previously and they have been excellent. However, I am having real trouble getting a complete solution from them now even though they have been paid in full some time ago. This is having a real impact on our business and I really hope no one else is having similar issues. If I get a resolution from them I will update here but would be good to hear what other people's experiences of them are like. regards SoHo iT Solutions
  3. Fair point re: opportunity. We already have an auto reply - but clients don't really pay that much attention to it. I think I will setup another support dept so that any replies from addy1@ will be piped into our system but just listed in a different place.
  4. Guys, Currently, we have a generic address (addy1@) that all WHMCS generated system emails come from. However, I don't want our clients to reply to this email address as emails from this generic account are not piped into the whmcs system and are not monitored regularly - and i don't want them to be. Although some clients still seem to insist on replying to invoices received etc. - but these replies don't go anywhere. Also, this generic email address is what the admin user uses to log into our whmcs installation. We also have 2 other address (addy2@ and addy3@) which our clients use to email into our system - these emails are piped into the system and tickets are created as expected. I guess my question is, should I change the system emails to come from a noreply@ address and are there any implications in doing this? or changing this now? how have others set this up? regards
  5. Hi, thanks for that. I've downloaded the app and it's asking for an Access Key. I'm guessing that means I can't connect to the whmcs demo site? ans is it now only going to let me configure the App if I buy it to use on our own installation? regards Iaan
  6. there are a few closed threads that appear to be inconclusive. cheers
  7. SoHoIT

    Issues After Upgrading Questions

    okay thanks. Ours is a basic whmcs installation - all our add-ons are the default modules provided by whmcs. Do I only need to run the one daily cron job now? the one recommended by whmcs in the automation settings?
  8. Hi We recently upgraded to v611 and all was good. Then we realised that our enomsync cron job is failing due to the removal of dbconnect.php file. Will anything else be failing? what about the payment gateway? what else uses that dbconnect script? Was there any mention of this on any of the WHMCS upgrade documentation? - I cant see any. regards KP
  9. Fantastic brian Thanks. that has done it.
  10. yes, I want to keep all other bands but remove the unpaid band. I'll try that now Brian. thanks
  11. is this even possible in version 611? can't see 'unpaid' anywhere in the tpl file
  12. Hi, Anyone know how I can do this please? there is no reference to 'unpaid' anywhere on the invoicepdf.tpl file but it still appears on the invoice. thanks KP
  13. yeh it does appear. Managed to get it working as a jpg but not as a png. Bizarre, but its working now. Thanks all.
  14. yeah, because when I change that the image doesn't appear on the invoices.
  15. Hi, Can anyone advise why our company logo isn't appearing in any of the system emails? Here is what is on the General Settings, mail, 'client email header content' : <p><a href="{$company_domain}" target="_blank"><img src="{$company_logo_url}" alt="{$company_name}" border="0" /></a></p> but its just a broken image when the client receives the email.- We have just upgraded to v611 and I thought it may be this. However, I've just gone back through some older email and it looks like the logo hasn't been in any emails for almost 2 years!! the logo itself appears in the clients email list within the whmcs system. and the company logo also appears on all invoices, so the logo itself is in the correct location. just not appearing on the clients emails. any ideas? regards

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