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Google Checkout Subscriptions and Callback


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Hi guys. I'm just getting started with WHMCS and I have a couple questions.


1st Question - Google Checkout Subscriptions


In the past, Google didn't offer a way to set up subscriptions and a little over a week ago, this option has become available. http://groups.google.com/group/google-checkout-beta-apis/browse_thread/thread/e6eb59aed947889e#


When selecting Google Checkout has my payment gateway and I set up a product to do a recurring 9.95 Monthly charge(example)...if this product is purchased by a customer, will it automatically set up a subscription and charge them every month?


I don't won't to depend on my customers manually paying an invoice every month.


Last Question - Google API Callback URL


I'm currently using my host's shared ssl. The example path of my shared ssl is: https://example.serverhostname.com/~myusername (Not a live link)


So in Google for my api url, I have:

https://example.serverhostname.com/~myusername/whmcs/modules/gateways/callback/googlecheckout.php (Not a live link, for some reason VBulletin converts all links to urls and shortens long urls. Please hover the link)


I pointed my browser to my correct url and it errors http 400, is this normal? The path is correct though.


I'm I fine?


Thanks guys

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(Not a live link, for some reason VBulletin converts all links to urls and shortens long urls.

Look for this below the text area where you write your post: "Automatically parse links in text", and uncheck it. To manually make a link in the post when doing so, add [ url ] link [ /url ] around it (spaces added here).

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