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WHMCS and tiered pricing


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I am considering using WHMCS for billing and support tickets on a new site for a service and have the following requirements:


The base monthly price per user for a specific package of the service will vary based on the user tier: say, 1-5 users@$3.00/user/month, 6-10 users@$2.75 per month, 11-15user @$2.75 per month etc. The actual billing will be based on the exact number of users within that tier - for example, if an organisation has 4 users, the monthly bill will be $12 and so on. It should also be possible for an organisation to upgrade to the next tier and have the billing application automatically calculate the invoice based on the exact number of users within that tier.


Is it possible to do this out of the box with WHMCS? Or, will it require a lot of customization?

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Yes WHMCS will do that.


Basically you set up a a product, lets say Servuice A.


Service A, has a set price (which could be zero!!)


But it then has upgradeable options....


1 user $3p/m

2 users $6p/m

3 users $9p/m

4 users $12p/m

5 users $15p/m

(note this next bit)

6 users $16.50p/m

and so on

and so on


Essentially just price the options to reflect your pricing structure.


That way, the user can upgrade and downgrade those options and the cost to them will be adjusted accordingly. It is simply a case of pricing the options correctly.


Additionally, you can reduce the number of times you have to enter the options by using the same product option groups accross numerous products.


Hope that helps.

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