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do you keep terminated products on client's accounts

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I'm just wondering, when a client terminates a product (hosting package / domain / dialup account / VPS / etc), do you keep the terminated product on his account, or do you delete it?


For one, the eNom sync script gives an error for every terminiated domain, since it doesn't exist in eNom anymore, yet still in WHMCS.


For another, I have some clients who had a dialup account, and since they don't have it anymore, they don't appreciate getting emails targetted at the dialup clients. And a few clients who had a shared hosting account, and now has a reseller account (under a different domain), also don't like getting emails not meant to go to them.


So, do you delete the terminated product, or do you keep them? And why?

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we leave them on the clients account for 30 days them move them to a generic "cancelled domains" client (and set the registrar to email so the syncstill work)

Ok, what's the purpose of this account?


With your mass mail you can choose to send them to only active packages.

Sure, that's one example of where this bothers me.


I think my bigger concern is, are there any real benefits in keeping those canceled services?


I'm not talking about canceled users, this is different. I'm talking about canceled services. I mean, if a client has canceled a hosting account / domain, chances are he won't need it again, ever. So far, every client which I have asked whether they'll need/ use that domain / hosting account / dialup account / etc, have said no, and we're welcome to remove it from their accounts.


So, what benefits are there in keeping it?

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I think you misunderstood me. I'm talking about services which have been canceled. If a client cancels a hosting account, it get's deleted from cPanel. A canceled domain needs to be re-registered, when a dialup account get's canceled that username (something like softdux001@dsl512.co.za) is available for another to use.


So, there's no actual server which can be reinstated without re-ordering. I'm not talking about clients who move to anther ISP, I'm talking about clients who cancel one or more of their services with us, yet who stay with us. For example, one client had a website for a conference which ran during 2007, and the website was canceled in January 2008 - never to be used again. Another client shutdown a non-running website, never to use again.

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we keep them for reporting purposes, and because a lot of times client moves to ne host, within 3 months they want to move back, so it's helpful to have the details...



I'm not talking about clients moving to other ISP's, I'm talking about hosting packages / domains / dialup accounts which are canceled and will never be used again. What is the point of keeping these?

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what i do, when a customers signs up, I print a hard copy of their details and services ordered and then any emails etc sent to them or they send to us and open a paper files for this client, if this client cancels a service i print a hard copy of any cancellations notices and places this in their paper file, i them remove the cancelled service from their account as in effect they have cancelled their contract for this service, but I leave their client account and set to inactive if they do not have any other services. If they want to reactive a service once cancelled they can request this though a support ticket, if this is a hosting account they have 2 options to have this reactivated, they either pay me a one off payment to set up the account again or agree to a min 24 months contract. I with then use the paper documents i have to set up the account again.

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