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new product type?


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I don't understand why at all. Those are the standard product types that cater for all the usual products a host provider can sell and it is primarily host providing that is the reason WHMCS exists at all. Beyond that, any type of product can be created in any type of product group and, if this flexibility is not enough, I just wonder what you have in mind? I'd love to know. :)


Anyway, I suspect that some of the files you might like to change may be encrypted but perhaps others who actually do know something more than I do about this (very limited) will post here to comment. Best wishes.

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The above links just need to go on a some kind of page on your server such as


http://my.ilaunchmedia.com/yourservice1.php contains the link http://my.ilaunchmedia.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=1

http://my.ilaunchmedia.com/yourservice2.php contains the link http://my.ilaunchmedia.com/order.php?step=2&pid=1



Pasting the links into pages gives you the display you need subject to layout and styling considerations. Or so I believe anyway. Does this solve your problem?

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No it is not true at all. The WHMCS Client area itself enables clients to order. Those links are just specific product links that you can place anywhere on your site that take you to the order section for that product in the client area, perhaps associated with an 'order now' button, etc. They are called integration links.


It might be helpful if you read the manual for this which you can find here: http://wiki.whmcs.com/Main_Page Beyond that, if you have a technical issue open a support ticket.

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Depends what you mean by packages.


Obviously a customer can order a domain + hosting package, but if you want to offer design/site packages that include different options sent as SSL certs, e-commerce addons, blogs, x no. pages, logo design etc etc, then you'll have to create some design packages against which you can add hosting, and config options or add-ons.


there are some good threads on package creations, or search for estimate or quote.

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I know exactly what he wants to do. I have done it before and forgot how it has been so long. Thus my finding this thread.


When you click on Products and services in the

Configuration Drop down

You see listed all the groups and Products or services you created.


When you create a new product it will show you


shared hosting

vps hosting



I had somehow added Windows Hosting to that list as well as a couple others. Now I am having a difficult time remebering how it was done and I believe this is what he is talking about as well.

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