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Support tickets to multiple emails?


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Originally, I had the Support Ticket Department email set to support@mydomain.com. But for some reason, I wasn't receiving emails of support requests. (Can someone explain why? - would be appreciated)



So I have setup the default Support ticketing system using the pipe method. That works.


But I would like to have support tickets sent to me (or Admin or any email I setup in cPanel) as well as to an off server email address and I can't see how to accomplish this.


What this is about is, I'd like to test a third party support service and I need all support requests sent to them with a copy to me.



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Thanks Sparky


I just got back in and was going to add to my post that the reason admin wasn't receiving emails was because I used a gmail account. When I changed it to an account on my domain, admin was notified of new tickets. Also, I had setup two admins (in case one login name or pwd failed for some unknown reason) and that email is one of the baby bells; but WHMCS doesn't send to that address either.


So currently support tickets are piped to hostingsupport@mydomain.com. Are you saying to add a forward like hostingsupport@mydomain.com >> forwarded to someone@anotherdomain.com?


If so that doesn't seem to work.

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So this is what I've determined


I removed the pipe of email, which I wish someone would explain what that would be used for, and just set the email to support@mydomain.com. WHMCS now sends the ticket to both admin and support.


I can forward a support ticket support@mydomain.com to any user on my server but NOT to any address thats not on my server. I've tried gmail, att, hotmail and the third party support folks. IT never arrives.


I added a forward in cPanel for support@mydomain.com to gmail sent myself a test message, and it works. So I just don't get what to do in WHMCS or why when WHMCS sends the email to support@mydomain.com cPanel doesn't treat it like a standard email and foward to an address outside my server.


I'm at my wits end and really need some smelling salts.

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The way I have mine done is:

I have NOT created any mailboxes

I have support@mydomain.com piped to whmcs

support@mydomain.com to |/home/mydomain/public_html/pipe/pipe.php
Now if someone sends an email to support@mydomain.com it gets piped into WHMCS then WHMCS sends an email to admin using the email address listed in the corresponding support department.


So if you are not getting those responses

1. Check the WHMCS TICKETS MAIL IMPORT LOG for a possible reason.

2. You have not setup a department for support.

3. Possibly your domain SPF record is rejecting it.


Also I hope you have already checked http://wiki.whmcs.com/Support_Center

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