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Flash Tutorial Integration


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Sorry for the late reply, didn't get the emails, thanks to those who have posted.


I've got the tutorials.tpl file and it has the following code:





{foreach from=$tutorials item=tutorial}

<li><a href="#" onclick="window.open('modules/tutorials/{$tutorial.filename}','','width=900,height=500');return false">{$tutorial.name}</li>




Where should I place my text and links to the tutorials.

Could someone possibly post some code to get me started??



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  • 2 months later...



I had edit the tutorials.tpl to put in all the tutorials.


One the linking part, I wish to replace the server status icon/menu by Flash tutorials. i manage to do that in homepage.tpl & header.tpl.


Can any one can tell me which part I should edit in order to replace the server status icon/menu in index.php? which tpl i should edit because I can't find the tpl file that can edit index.php page.


Kindly assist.



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for those that are looking for an alternative, Ive got some tutorials from another supplier (not demowolf), along with their democentre.


I've then placed that demo centre inside an Iframe (don't need SEO for flash tuorials) on my tutorials page.


Below is a screen shot to show how it looks.

happy to pass on the code (but you have to buy your own tutorials :) )


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We bought tutorials from Demowolf and made our own custom page for them.


See http://www.hightekhosting.com.au/myaccount/tutorials.php'>http://www.hightekhosting.com.au/myaccount/tutorials.php


We also added links on the client area page: http://www.hightekhosting.com.au/myaccount


And the actual tutorials themselves just load in our site pages.


Very easy to do and no real buggerising around.

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I just wanted to thank this thread for some inspiration. We moved to WHMCS about 3 months ago and are currently about 1 week from launching a total site redesign.


We have 329 flash tutorials we've developed in house and have been using a Joomla site to display them. We wanted to move them into WHMCS to have all billing/support in 1 location. Using tutorials.php I've setup mootools accordion and smoothbox to really streamline their display. It turned out pretty well.


I'll be posting in the showcase forum once we have the design launched, but thanks for the inspiration :)

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